Homemade Kombucha

Fermented foods are a beautiful way to increase gut health when your gut is strong and ready. If you’re familiar…

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Mock Cream

3/4 cup boiled filtered water 4 eggs 5 drops liquid stevia 2 heaped TBS of gelatin (unflavoured) 125 gms butter…

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Nut Milk

2 cups warm filtered water 1 cup raw natural nuts of your choice or use blanched almonds for a very…

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Ginger Tea

2 TBS freshly grated ginger root 4 cups filtered water Lemon slices  Place ginger in a teapot. Bring water to…

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Green Juice (Detox)

1 large cucumber cut in half lengthways ½ cup fresh basil  2 sticks celery 3 tomatoes halved 1 lime peeled…

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Egg Milk

3 organic whole eggs 1 litre warm or cold filtered water 4 drops stevia (optional)  Place the eggs into a…

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