It's not always easy packing a healthy lunch for your child and even when you go to the effort of putting a healthy lunch together there's always the niggling feeling that it may get swapped in the playground or thrown away for what may be an enticing find on the cafeteria menu or a bag of chips or fizzy drink from a neighboring school bag.  

If you're in rush hour in the mornings, it can be easy to reach for convenient packaged foods which unfortunately more often than not are loaded with salt, sugar and bad fats.  The standard school lunchbox for many families fails to deliver the nutrients needed for kids to sustain their energy levels, keep their mood up and provide the ability to concentrate in class.    

Over the past few months I have been creating and testing out a host of lunchbox recipes which are not only be quick and easy to make for parents, but also equally delicious for children. And you won't be surprised when you open their school bags at the end of the day to find an empty lunchbox!

You can find more information about the new Supercharged Food for Kids e-book and purchase it here.

Here is a post I wrote about how to reboot your child's lunchbox that you may find helpful 🙂 

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