How to Create the Supercharged Shake

Place the following ingredients into a blender and add either an egg, half a glass of filtered water or home made nut milk. Blend until smooth.

Pour into a Latte glass & enjoy this nutritious shake daily.  The Supercharged Shake contains all essential vitamins and minerals to recharge your immune system.

Ingredients  for Daily Shake

Calcium Citrate Powder 600mg
Magnesium Citrate Powder 600mg
Primal Defense, Powder, HSO Probiotic Formula  1 Scoop
Vitamin C Powder  (with Bio-flavonoids)  2000mg
1 x Vitamin E Capsule  400 IU

With the shake take the following:

1x vitamin Multi B capsule
2 TBS Cod Liver Oil
(which contains Vitamin A: 30,000 IU, Vitamin D: 1,200 IU, Omega 3 EPA plus DHA 3,000mg)

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