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  • Welcome to Supercharged Food where you can spring clean your diet with a nutritious eating plan.  Learn how to make healthy food choices, plan ahead and shop to maintain a delicious satisfying and nourishing diet. All of the yummy, anti-inflammatory recipes are free of gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast & sugar. Use food as medicine to lower inflammation, give you more energy, banish fatigue and heal your body at a cellular level.
    Happy Cooking… Lee xo

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  • Lee, I think you're awesome. Keep up the great work. It's so refreshing to come across someone who actually understands food and how it affects your body.
    Katrin Helmreich
  • I am gluten free. I really love the design of your site and the fact that you cover dairy and sugar free as well is good.
    Janelle Griffin
  • I love your site its like a home-made wonton soup - interesting, delicious morsels floating in lovely warm base: a perfect combination.
    Kim Cotton
  • Beautiful energy in real life an amazing presenter that has a world of health knowledge and delicious recipes and fun creative motivating ideas to encourage us to eat a healthier lifestyle.Thank you Lee Holmes I am very grateful to have experienced your presentation in Perth recently:)
    Linka Crosby
  • I absolutely love your website and your wellbeing philosophy, thank you for creating such a beautiful site!
    Shayne Mead
  • Dear Supercharged Super Chick

     Loving the new website, trendy, current, zappy and above all - healthy!

    Hurricane Cruz
  • My son was diagnosed with ADHD and put on a strict gluten free diet.  Your recipes are exactly what weve been looking for.
    Janelle Thompson
  • Green renewal juice – love it. Mayo awesome. Salmon patties are amazing. Superseeded bread. Fabulous. I think your book is best Christmas present ever!
    Naomi Irvin
  • If anyone wants to feel and look sensational, to never feel tired or run-down, to feel at peace and never have food cravings or over eat then Supercharged Food is the answer.
    Rebecca Smith
  • Your recipes enable me to create delicious healthy meals which have become regulars. Your Bollywood chicken curry is sensationally tasty.
    Tracy Bickell
  • Im loving your website and facebook group, your daily inspiration makes me smile.
    Keri Welter
  • I love your website so much and I love the illos.
    Martine Allars, Life Style & Kids Fashion Editor ACP Magazines
  • Two weeks on your Heal Your Gut Program and I have noticed considerable  changes to my gut. I have more energy and my PH levels are perfect! Thank you xxx
    Nicole H
  • Wow amazing site - beautiful to look at and not scary for a new to healthy eating person like me who doesn't really get it yet!
    Louise Nealon
  • I love your cookbook. The roasted eggplant relish has been a HUGE hit in my household.
    Pamela Quane
  • I had a brain aneurysm in Jan. I am looking for changes in my life. Your website has given me the impetus to make those changes.
    Jean Duncan
  • Your website ROCKS!
    Sarah Louise Johnson
  • I am so glad I have found your site I suffer from fibromyalgia and the recipes have made a big difference to my pain levels.
    Julie Bates
  • I find your website very interesting in particular the detox section; I am detoxing my life right now and eliminating many negative influences.
  • You are the unrepeatable miracle in your business
    Andrew Banks, Shark Tank Australia
  • It is nice to get recipes using local products and made to Australian standard. I am sure I will be looking into ordering more of your books in the future. Thank you for the fast delivery.
    Joan Mccallum
  • Your website is fabulous and will help many parents and children on the road to wellness.
  • Supercharged Food for Kids has fantastic recipes and advice, with recipes that my kids can't wait to get started on.
    Sarah Bedford
  • I've been following a diet that follows many of ur principles for some time now with my naturopath & trainer. It's great to get some new ideas!
    Paul Riggio
  • Your recipes are fantastic the supercharged ingredients maximise my performance and energy.
    Matilda Raynolds
  • I've been suffering with candida and your recipes have been a godsend, Thank you.
    Jennifer Nusl
  • Your recipes are fantastic and so simple to create.
    Kris Barrett, Allergy Friendly Foods
  • Lee Holmes is a lovely lady who will be a superstar
    Janine Allis, Shark Tank Australia
  • Your recipes are so delicious yet easy to make. Well done.
    Janet Doyle, Natural Health and Beauty Magazine
  •  I have bookmarked EVERY SINGLE ONE of your recipes!! Amazing amazing delicious and beautiful cookbook.
    Jen Shandler
  • I do enjoy your newsletters just to jog my memory about your fantastic recipes. I have been following you for over a year now and have bought all your books and I love them!
    Maruerite Latham
  • Your new eBook Heal YourGut has saved my life. It's incredible
    James Hardy
  • Your website is fabulous and will help many parents and children on the road to wellness.
  • I love this website and the recipes are awesome. The spinach bread has become part of my daily diet.
    Micae Nguyen
  • I made your pumpkin and coconut soup and I love it. So soothing and comforting on my irritated stomach.
    Renee Jefferies
  • I am very grateful for the wealth of information that your site contains.
    Steve Rattey
  • I am a celiac and your recipes have changed my life. Thank you for sharing them.
  • Hearing you talk today was more than I ever could have dreamed of, gosh it was brilliant. I'm so thrilled to have watched your journey and cooked out of your books.
    Stacey @Ahealthymum

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