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I’m a mum, wholefoods chef and author of Supercharged Food - Eat your way to good health. The first book came about after I successfully used food as medicine to overcome an auto immune disease using nutrient rich ingredients and wholefoods. 

As a former English teacher a lot of my life has been spent in the classroom helping kids grow academically. Now I'd love to combine my teaching knowledge with my Certificate in Food and Nutrition (Polytechnic West), practical health coaching knowledge (Certified Health Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition) and first hand parenting skills to help guide other parents when it comes to integrating healthy eating routines, recipes and food ideas the whole family can benefit from.

My latest mission is to change the way kids eat so that we can build stronger, healthier and brighter kids from the ground up.

Supercharged Food for Kids is a new e-book that I’m really excited about.  It features 90 recipes and meal solutions that not only taste delicious, but deliver the nutrients needed to help kids sustain energy levels, keep their mood up, concentrate and perform at their best.

SCF Kids Book CoverYou won’t find any Frankenfood (genetically modified food) in Supercharged Food for Kids. But you will find kids’ favourites such as pizza, nuggets, pasta and desserts all made with healthy ingredients.

I hope it inspires you to create fresh, wholesome and nutrient rich meals that your children will eat again and again. And hopefully it will help your kids develop good eating habits they can maintain for the rest of their lives.

I've included tips on how to remove sugar and processed food, my top ten nutrient army, eating for special diets and allergies, packing and presenting a creative lunchbox, a bunch of tips for busy families, a chapter on sneaking super foods into everyday kids’ meals and information on mood, concentration, energy, performance and squad food.  

There's also a shopping list and Monday to Friday Lunchbox menu as well as some really fun lunchbox ideas that can be made with gluten free sandwiches and wraps. 

You'll find recipes such as Cauliflower Mac and Cheese, Pirate Muesli Bars, Cacao Bomb Crackles, Cheesy Mini Tartlets, Crunchy Chicken Drummers, Rice Crispy Bars, Zoo Poo, Watermelon Ice Blocks, Gluten Free Pita Pockets, Savoury Breakfast Muffins and lots, lots more.

You can buy the book here. 

Banana and Coconutty Smoothie

Banana and Coconutty Smoothie

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