Overtime our bodies can be internally poisoned by eating the wrong foods. That’s why it’s so important to eat as fresh as possible and limit our intake of processed and artificial foods.

Here is a comprehensive list of common additives found in foods which I have found very helpful when shopping.

Because of the modern diet eating ingredients such as sugar and salt and the wrong kind of fats have a negative effect on our bodies long term.  The immune system is weakened and therefore unable to function effectively, this leads to the poor health and toxin related damage to organs.

Once you have started on the Supercharged Food program your taste buds will change and you will look forward to nothing more than healthy, fresh and alive foods.  I have put together a list of common foods that should be avoided as much as possible and ones that contribute to disease and aging.

Wheat, Cow's Milk and Soy are not good for people with low functioning immune systems. Wheat products contain glue in the form of gluten and milk contains casein which are hard for people to digest and for our bodies to process.  Neuro-toxins are found in these products too. The combination of these ingredients are what causes a wide range of digestive disorders.  The glue is extremely damaging to the intestines as it destroys the lining of the intestines which can lead to problems such as malabsorption and mal-digestion.

Even though you may be eating great foods the vitamins and minerals are not getting through. That's why many new studies have shown that a large number of modern diseases such as Crohns, Coeliacs, IBS, Candida and Food allergies etc are caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  If you want to learn more about gut health and looking for ways to cleanse and detox the gut then visit my other site dedicated to gut health www.superchargeyourgut.com You can also find the Love Your Gut powder and capsules there too, they are a gentle food based product that help to gentle cleanse the gut of bad bacteria, heavy metal, parasites and build up.

In some cases the glue will contribute to holes being created in the lining of the intestines and foods can seep through causing food allergies and fibromyalgia.  The neuro-toxins also pass through the damaged intestinal wall and this causes rapid firing of neurons in the brain, the reason for brain fog and depression and anxiety.

Having the Supercharged Food Super Shake daily or making sure you are eating nutrient rich foods will build up your immune system and provide much needed vitamins and minerals into your body. Sometimes people who have damaged intestinal walls need to eat soups and easily absorbed food gentle enough for their systems for some time to give the chance for the body to heal.

Processed Foods
Avoid anything processed and foods containing fake ingredients. The processing component removes vitamins and minerals from foods so they are left with no nutritional value.  After food has been processed it is injected with artificial ingredients and additives to enhance its flavour and taste. A large proportion of these additives are neuro-toxic and extremely damaging to general health.

Unfortunately children’s foods contain an abundance of additives and colourants which children react badly too.  They contribute to the rise in new childhood conditions such as ADHD, Asthma, Diabetes, Food Allergies and Digestive disorders in addition to obesity and hyperactivity.
Genetically modified foods are too difficult for the body to process and put a strain on the immune system. This includes GM soy and GM soy based products.

All forms of sugar should be cut down from your diet as much as possible.  This includes white and brown sugar, too many high sugar fruits, and sugar substitutes. Many low fat meals have artificial sugars added.  Artificial sugars are the worst foods you can eat and are the cause of many health problems.

Table Salt
Replace table salt with a good ocean sea salt. Many types of fast foods are jam-packed with table salt along with canned and packaged foods.  Too much table salt can contribute to high blood pressure and heart disease.

Man-Made Fats
Man made vegetable oils and fats are not good for your health,  in particular Trans fats which are hydrogenated liquid oils.   As a result of hydrogenation, Trans fatty acids are formed.  Trans fats are mostly found in many commercially packaged foods and fried foods such as the food which is available in fast food outlets, it can also be found in micro-waved popcorn as well as in vegetable shortening and hard stick margarine.

The best fats to stick to are Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, seed and nut oils and Coconut Oil in moderation. Be wary of low fat products as when the fat is removed the ingredients that are added are usually more sugar, or artificial sugars, sodium, flavourings, fillers like guar gum and binding agents and chemicals.

The best thing to do when in doubt about what to buy is to try and eat real food.  Food that is close to nature and not processed or packaged.  Eating more gluten free grains like quinoa and buckwheat, fresh low fructose fruits and a multitude of brightly coloured vegetables, limiting man-made fats and eating moderate amounts of protein will provide optimal nutrition for the body and mind.

Some individuals may be sensitive to lectins. Dr. Stephen Gundry popularized the Plant Paradox Diet, which focuses on avoiding them while also consuming select vegetables that are lectin free and high in prebiotic fiber. If you think lectins may be a problem for you, check out this list of lectin free foods, taken from the Gundry Diet.

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