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Want to heal and nourish your body from the inside out?

My Heal Your Gut Four Week Program will restore your inner health so that you can experience wellness from head to toe, gain more energy and vitality and feel healthy again.  You can commence the program at anytime and you just sign up here.  Or you can sign up for the Two Day HYG Maintenance program here if you are time limited.

A healthy thriving gut is central to your health. Our lower gastrointestinal tract is home to almost 100 trillion microorganisms, most of which are bacteria. They are mostly, "good" bacteria that help us digest food and release the energy and nutrients we need. They also crowd out bacteria that can trigger disease. But when things go awry in our guts, they can also go awry with our immune system and in our brains which can lead to digestive problems, weight gain, depression, anxiety and further disease.

“The road to health is paved with good intestines”

About the Heal Your Gut Program

The program is designed for you, it’s uncomplicated, achievable and honours the body as a whole.  You can finally wave goodbye to expensive supplements and faddish diet trends for good.

Why should you join the Heal Your Gut Program?

  • It’s not scary, it will inspire you, motivate you and bring about improvements to your health.
  • You’ll be provided with step by step guidance on how to bring your gut flora into balance with food to achieve optimum and enduring health.
  • You can go wild on recipes which are nourishing, tasty, simple to make and easily digestible. All recipes are gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast and sugar free and include wholefood ingredients that can be found in your local supermarket or healthy grocer.  The program is suitable for vegetarians.
  • The program takes you into account as an individual on your own healing pathway. It encourages you to work with your natural gut flora in a positive and supportive way, and not fight against it as an unwelcome and unruly opponent.

What you will receive when you sign up to the program

  • Welcome Kit
  • Weekly emails and meal plans delivered to your inbox
  • Additional gut healing recipes adapted to meet your specific needs
  • Web videos to guide you and nurture you through the process
  • Expert advice and encouragement from our panel of experts to keep you on track, we have gastroenterologists, integrative doctors, biochemists, scientists, nutritionists, naturopaths, kinesiologists, meditation experts and more
  • 24/7 support to answer all of your questions

All it takes is a four week commitment from you to set your foundations for life long health. You can read more about my personal path to healing my gut and what's involved in the Heal Your Gut Program here.

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Join me in healing your gut today.

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Here are some of the delicious recipes you will be tucking into.

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REFUND POLICY: Please note that we do not issue refunds for incorrect choice or a change of mind.

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