Pretty in Pink Smoothie + Super Nourished Hair Skin and Nails

For those of you looking to improve your hair, skin and nails, today I’m sharing a delicious smoothie which is hot pink and ready to drink!  

I’m also excited to announce a collaboration and our brand-new collagen product!

When it comes to collagen, silica is an ingredient that is not only anti-inflammatory but also essential in collagen formation. Because they work so well together, I teamed up with my lovely friend Irene from Nourished Life to create a brand new super powered collagen product called Super Nourished Hair Skin and Nails.

For the first time we’ve joined the forces of two beauty essentials: marine collagen and Love Your Gut powder. They work together beautifully, just like friends should.

You can watch the video below to learn more about how our “beauty in a bag” came about.

During the creation of the product, we trialled a number of collagen types, it was quite hard to find a collagen that met our toxin-free and quality requirements. As a qualified clinical nutritionist, I knew that I wanted the collagen to be sustainable and wild, not farmed. Never farmed! We also wanted to ensure a daily amount of 2,500 milligrams of collagen per serve.

The flavour was also very important to us.  We were getting feedback from a lot of people saying that they found their collagens stinky, fishy and tough to drink, even if they were masked with flavour. So, Irene and I set about developing a blend that had no fishy flavour and was enhanced with natural berry and beet flavours that tasted subtle and not overpowering.

So, you might be asking why Collagen and Love Your Gut powder work so well together?

Because beauty begins in the gut and shows in your hair growth, nail strength and skin radiance, when your gut is working well it’s absorbing more nutrients. A clean and toned gut absorbs collagen more efficiently and the silica component helps collagen get to work to on its delivery and absorption.

Because of the silica, your gut will be in a better condition to process and disperse the collagen from your digestive system (in the form of peptides and amino acids) to your organs, especially your largest organ, your skin. Love Your Gut powder is rich in silica (2000mg a serve) which is necessary for collagen production. It’s also a good source of natural iron, and when combined with beet and berry can increase your alertness and energy.

One of collagen’s primary roles is to provide structural support to connective tissues within the body, helping to repair the gastrointestinal lining and rebuild the intestinal wall. As silica is involved in collagen formation, it too helps rebuild a strong gut lining and therefore, a healthy and balanced microbiome. By consuming silica, you can support collagen synthesis and the health of your gut. If you want to learn more about the science behind this pairing, you can read our “What the Science Says” information here.

We chose marine collagen because it’s fully traceable, sustainably caught from the pristine North Atlantic and Arctic Waters, not farmed fish. The vast majority of farmed fish from Asia is Catfish from the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, also known as Tilapia or Basa. 

Our marine collagen has high bioavailability and low molecular weight which allows for superior absorption and it’s more nutrient dense. It's a single ingredient product, which doesn’t contain any preservatives, sulphides, peroxides, flavours or additives. It’s also zero carbs, zero fat and zero sugar. 

Marine collagen contains unique amino acids to replenish the body’s lost collagen. It also helps with your skin’s hydration and signs of ageing.  In addition, it helps your nails by strengthening them.  If you’re looking for luscious locks, shine and appearance it takes care of that too, this really is all your beauty needs in one jam-packed bag.

When consuming Super Nourished Hair Skin and Nails you can have it on its own by mixing one heaped tablespoon (5g) in water, or juice or you can add it to a smoothie. The flavour is mild berry and super easy to drink and it makes a lovely pink colour from the natural berry and beet flavours.

And now for a delicious recipe, I think you know by now, how I love to boost your nutrient intake; so I’ve created a delicious Pretty in Pink Smoothie for you to try. 

This delicious Pretty in Pink Smoothie, is the smoothie of your dreams, full of vitamin C, iron and antioxidants with added collagen to nourish your hair skin and nails and supercharge your energy.

Nourished Life have a 20% off sale on now. You can grab your "beauty in a bag" on sale at Super Nourished Hair Skin and Nails.

Pretty in Pink Smoothie 

Serves 2



  • handful fresh raspberries to decorate  
  • Handful seeds 
  • Mint leaves 
  • Cacao nibs  

Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Remove from blender and place in a glass or bowl then topple your favourite toppings on top!

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  1. Kylie T says:

    A great read and a lovely recipe, thank you.

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  5. Mckinney Via says:

    Thank you for sharing informative content. It means a lot to me hope you do more articles to post.

  6. Cindy says:

    Are you still able to purchase the Super Nourished Hair Skin and Nail products?

    • Lee says:

      Dear Cindy, this product is not in stock anymore but the earth and sea beauty caps do a very similar job 🙂

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