How to Spoil Your Favourite Female + a Nourishing Mother’s Day Bundle


This Mother’s Day, who are you looking to nourish and send love to?

Is it your favourite (person, dog, cat, plant or other) mum? Perhaps you’re a new mum or mum-to-be and want to treat yourself? Or maybe there’s a person in your life who needs extra support at this sensitive time?

Whatever the reason and whoever the person, at Supercharged Food HQ, we believe it’s the perfect day to shower some of the most deserving women among us with love.

So, I’ve put together a list of things to help nourish someone special.

  1. A Nourishing Day Starts with Breakfast, Always

Whether you decide to face the busyness of bustling cafes or make something yourself, the perfect way to start this day is with breakfast. I prefer to skip the queue and bring the café style breakfast home with my Café Style Smoked Salmon, Eggs and Asparagus. Or nourish their hair, skin and nails with my Pretty in Pink Smoothie. It’s hot pink and ready to drink.

  1. Book in a Luscious Treatment

Who can say no to a foot massage? As a mum myself, I love nothing more than being whisked away and treated to something just for me. Whether you decide to go for a matching mani-pedi or give a gift certificate for someone to use in their own time, there’s something extraordinary about giving someone permission to pamper themselves.

  1. A Voucher for a Yoga Studio or New Gym

This one’s great for the active mums out there! If mum has a yoga studio she usually goes to, why not gift her a free class? Or maybe she’s trying to get into a healthy routine at a new gym. If time isn’t on her side, there are also many great studios doing online classes.

  1. Give the Gift of Words

As a self-confessed word nerd, I love gifting and receiving books. Books are unique presents because they’re personal; they show that you care enough to pick something that you’d think they’d like. Whether it’s a book you read a while ago that made you laugh, one that inspired you or a new book by an author you know they love, books are spectacular for the reader in your life. Oh, and if mum is looking for books to inspire her to improve her health, I think I may know someone. 😉 here’s my latest recipe book Supercharge Your Life.

  1. Lock in Time Together

If this mum’s love language is quality time, I know they’ll appreciate the opportunity to spend good ol’ fashion time with you. Why not go for a sunset stroll or spend the morning together over tea? If you’re unable to be together this year, book in a zoom dinner date, gift an IOU lunch voucher or even lock in a future weekend away together. It's time to get those creative juices flowing!

  1. Create a DIY Spa Treatment with the Nourishing Mother’s Day Bundle

This Mother’s Day, we’ve created a Nourishing Mother’s Day Bundle that provides everything you need to ensure nourishment from the tip of her head to the ends of her twinkly toes. If mum loves a DIY treatment, my Supercharged Food Earth Mask and Scrub combine minerals and clay's healing powers to beautify and soften the skin. This face mask and scrub is rich in sensational silica and helps give a more youthful appearance by reducing the appearance of age spots, rosacea and pigmentation.

And hey, why not play some soothing music and light a Negative Ion Candle to keep her mind relaxed and calm? Negative ions are little packets of energy from the earth that elevate your mood by increasing serotonin levels, purifying and cleaning the air and counteracting the positive ions in your environment. 

For in-and-out beauty, be sure to throw in the Super Nourished Hair, Skin and Nails for good measure. It’s a berry flavoured collagen beauty supplement to enhance the health of her hair, skin and nails to improve strength, shine and appearance. It has a natural berry and beet flavour for an easy-drinking, light taste that mixes into water, smoothies or juices.  

Our special dealio on this bundle will save you 20% off the recommended price.  Shop the Nourishing Mother’s Day Bundle here. Too lazy to DIY? You can just head over to the guys at Afya Skin and Body Clinic and book a fantastic facial for yourself and your mum.

To mums, mums to be, those who have lost mums, mums who have lost children and those with strained relationships with mothers, I’m sending you a whole lot of love today and every day, and I'm leaving you with a delicious pampering Pretty In Pink Smoothie to enjoy.

Pretty in Pink Smoothie 

Serves 2



  • handful fresh raspberries to decorate  
  • Handful seeds 
  • Mint leaves 
  • Cacao nibs  

Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Remove from blender and place in a glass or bowl then topple your favourite toppings on top!

Lee xo

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