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Looking at your gut health is by far the best way to nudge off a few excess kilos naturally. Click on the video above to learn more.

If you haven’t already tried it or seen it in stores, my Love Your Gut powder, which is all natural and made from naturopathic grade, organic and fresh water diatomaceous earth is the perfect antidote to weight creep and shaking off those extra kilos.

This all natural food grade ingredient will give your gut that little daily spring clean it craves, particularly after a long-winded eating splurge.

It’s not just our cupboards that need a bit of tender loving care, our hard working colons do too!

Diatomaceous earth is the superfine fossilised remains of fresh water diatoms, a natural type of hard-shelled algae. For hundreds of years our ancient ancestors recognised algae as an incredible food source, holding magnificent health benefits. But for some reason it has taken us a long time to reap those benefits.

The wonders of algae lie in the silicon makeup. Silica provides an abundance of health benefits, from boosting hair growth, to easing skin problems such as redness, acne and eczema. Slowing down the degenerative break down of connective tissue, to increasing calcium deposits to bone.

Getting sufficient amounts of this super mineral is essential. However, it’s not all in the mineral composition, diatomaceous earth holds many other benefits as it’s anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-any nasties in the form of parasites. It helps with increased nutrient absorption, better immunity and improved waste removal.

Due to the texture of this natural sediment, it very gently exfoliates the intestine wall, sweeping away all impurities that sit in your gut.

These unwanted toxins block our bodies from absorbing vital nutrients, and therefore decreasing our general well being, energy and happiness.

Once the junk has been removed from your trunk, you will nourish and glow from the inside out.  It’s easy to take and tasteless too without any additives. It's also suitable for vegans and is gluten and GMO free.

Simply add a tablespoon to water, juice or a smoothie twice a day before meals and scroll down for my favourite gut soothing smoothie.

Love Your Gut powder, can be purchased here. Or why not ry my anti-inflammatory blend Golden Gut Blend.

25 Responses to “What on earth is Diatomaceous Earth Video”

  1. Lea Murphy says:

    Is Diatomaceous Earth safe to take for someone without a gallbladder please?!

    • lee says:

      Yes it is completely natural but if you are worried it is always good to check wth your health care practitioner.

  2. justin says:

    I’ve been using d-earth for four years. It helps me manage my weight and keep my cholesterol levels in check. Lee’s d-earth is by far the best quality. As a nerd, I researched a number of different suppliers over a few years. I wanted to buy Australian sourced d-earth but the quality isn’t good enough. Lee gets hers from deposits in the USA. It’s organic, pure, unprocessed and it’s mineral make-up is the best.
    Thanks Supercharged for bringing this out and making it affordable.

  3. Christine says:

    Hello! I purchased some d-earth powder from your stall at EQ markets a few days ago. I tried taking it first thing in the morning, but within a few minutes I experience a strange headache that persists throughout the day. Has anyone had this reaction before? I only took 1 tsp with water. Worried that I may be having a reaction to d-earth. Should I stop taking d-earth? Or is this a reaction that happens with some people and fades with continued use? Any advice would be helpful, thanks!

    • lee says:

      It sounds like a detox reaction so i would halve the dose and just take it slowly. You can increase the dose once the headaches go away. Lee

  4. pauline says:

    My son may have impacted faeces in his colon, which can be a cause of bedwetting. I was thinking of trying D-earth instead of Mirolax (prescribed) and wondered if it’s okay to give to a 12-year-old boy. The instructions say two tablespoons twice a day but for him i thought i would give him half a tablespoon twice a day. What do you think? Any advice would be appreciated.

  5. Poppy says:

    Will it flush out all of the good bacteria? Would it be good idea to take probiotics with d.e?

  6. Carissa says:

    Hi Lee, have you tried adding it in to soups in the winter months?

  7. Rachel says:

    Hi lee, I have a had diarrhoea for a week now, I was eating out a lot so thought it was from that. I did a bone broth fast (3 days) but 2 days after the fast I still have diarrhoea. Will D.E help? I am on the gut health diet at the Moment. Really don’t want to take antibiotics as I have Leaky gut and Hashimotos. Thanks

  8. Karen says:

    Lee, I’ve read that it’s good to have with 2 tsps of apple cider vinegar and water. What do you think? Also does it matter if you have without food? Thanks

    • lee says:

      I think apple cider vinegar and water is really good as it kick-starts the digestive-system. I would recommend having it about half an hour before food. Lee x

  9. Sarah says:

    Lee I’m interested in using DE. Do you have any research showing health benefits? Or is it more a history of traditional use. If so, which societies have traditionally used it? Thanks x

    • Lee says:

      On the packaging you’ll see a long list of approved health claims.Some of these health benefits include: it’s rich in many minerals including silica, iron, calcium and magnesium, it encourages a pH of 8 in the body to create an alkaline environment, it reduces blood pressure, it reduces fatigue and tiredness and helps gut and digestive function.
      I’m not sure about traditional uses but D earth has been used in food production for decades. It is a food (not a medication) by the way. It’s very safe, easy to use and has minimal taste x

  10. Sharon says:

    I just want to thank you for this product ive been taking it for a few weeks and i can’t believe how great i feel. Ive noticed my normally bloated slightly over weight stomach slimming down and i feel lighter and healthier because of your product . Is it safe for a 12 year old? My son gets indigestion and bloating sometimes i would love to try this with him.

    • Lee says:

      Hi Sharon, you’re so welcome! I’m so happy to hear you’re receiving great benefits from the product. Yes, it’s okay for your son to take it. I recommend starting him off with a lighter dose, like 1/2 teaspoon per day and work upwards towards 1 tbsp per day when he gets more used to it x

  11. lucja says:

    Is long-term use of DE safe and ok? I have been taking it for 3 years now and I am concerned with my body becoming to over-reliant on it. Also, when I started on DE, it was to help with my digestion and eczema. While initially it helped hugely, I have been having eczema and psoriasis flare ups in the last year or so which are significant. I have gone off DE in the last few days to check if it at all impacts on my skin and it has calmed down and improved quite quickly. At the same time, I am feeling sluggish, tired, slightly bloated and have headaches, which I believe are also a direct result of not taking DE now. Concerned that my body is now struggling without it. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    • Lee says:

      Hi Lucja,
      Thanks for reaching out.
      I haven’t come across a dependancy issue before. All i can give you is my personal experience….I’ve taken it every day for over 7 years and love the feeling rather than feel an ‘addiction’. But I do feel tired, bloated when I don’t take it for a time. The tiredness could be down to reducing your iron intake, as it’s high in iron, but not from consuming Love Your Gut Powder.

      I always remind myself that DE is a food, not a medicine.

      Regarding the skin conditions, you’re best to consult an expert. My DE is 90%+ silica so it should be great for skin, as you experienced early on.

      Lee x

  12. Olivia Shannon says:

    Hi Lee,
    I’ve heard amazing things about your Diatomaceous Earth powder – ‘Love Your Gut’.
    Both myself and my Mum would like to start taking it.
    We both have auto immune conditions. Mum has coeliac’s disease and I have inflammatory arthritis (I’m currently being treated with medication). Is it ok for us to consume? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you. Olivia x

    • Lee says:

      Hello yes it’s all ok with meds as it’s food not a medication. The only contraindication is if you have too high iron as the powder contains iron.

  13. Ushonah Hutchings says:

    Hi Lee, I just started DE about a week ago , just one tablespn in my morning smoothie. After yesterday’s smoothie I had a sudden urge to go to the toilet and basically spent the next couple of hours back and forth , emptying my bowel completely till it was just water coming out. Felt slight nausea afterwards but that settled. My question is, do I keep taking it in my smoothie this morning ? I am happy to have a big clean out and certainly looking forward to aligning with my natural body weight again. It’s just that going to the toilet this much means I can’t go out or get much done . How long does this go on for initially ? Thanks Shona

    • Lee says:

      Hello it’s not a laxative so shouldn’t that’s that effect it may have been a one off or your body needed it to happen. I recommend halving the amount for the next couple of days.

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