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Ten Vegetable Based Recipes to Live Life on the Veg

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Let’s talk about vegetables.

To be frank, many of us are simply not getting enough of them. 

As a whole, our society is in need of a total food choice revamp. While I'm not saying that we all need to run around being 'vegan hippies' and changing our name to Lola Granola, I do think it's fair to say that there are many people who don't have enough vegetables in their diets, eat way too many refined, processed foods and some that consume copious amounts of animal protein and fat.

If this resonates with you, then I'd love to share a few of my favourite veg based recipes.  

Including more vegetables in your diet doesn't need to be a scary thing. In fact, it can be fun and easy; it's sure to ease up your digestive system, make your skin glow and leave you feeling lighter and cleaner. You can always combine it with my vegan Love Your Gut powder to help the process along. 

Going more plant-based means you increase your intake of micronutrients that help the body thrive, not just survive. Vegetables and fruit are high in dietary fibre, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients and more that have proven to help boost immunity, fight infection and help to protect against disease.

If we examine diets of those living in the Blue Zones, populations who have the most number of centurions (people living over the age of 100), such as the Okinawan’s, they consume a largely plant-based diet.

The proof is in the pudding (if that pudding was vegan and made of avocado and cacao obviously...).

These people live high-quality lives with minimal medicine, relying on their food as medicine. I don’t know about you but that sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

If you want to get in on all the vegetable action, I’ve put together my Top Ten Favourite Veg Recipes to help you Live Life on the Veg.

Are you ready?

Vegetable Marrakech Casserole

There’s nothing better than a hearty vegetable casserole. Inspired by the spices of Marrakesh, this delicious casserole filled with hearty vegetables, chickpeas and delicious spices makes vegan eating exciting! When you eat this casserole, be sure to eat it mindfully and slowly. Enjoy it, take in all the flavours and give your gut some real love. Check out the mind-blowing recipe here.

Smashed Avo on Golden Gut Loaf

Nothing says breakfast to me more than my Smashed Avo on Golden Gut Loaf. Before you roll your eyes because you can barely look at the words smashed avo with amazement anymore, let me tell you, this recipe is seriously next level. It's smashed avo like you've never seen before! Avocado is rich in heart-health. monounsaturated fats, boosting skin health, reducing LDL cholesterol in the blood and lowering risk of heart disease. It’s high in Vitamin K which is great for bone health and also, assists our absorption of calcium. Combining avocado with my favourite Golden Gut Pumpkin and Nut Loaf is one veg breakfast you don’t want to miss. Get the recipe here.

Supercharged Dahl

If I had to say one of my favourite meals ever, it would definitely be Dahl. I love Dahl – it’s dahl-icious. If you’ve never heard of Dahl, it’s a curried dish of lentils and includes a whole heap of spices including anti-inflammatory turmeric, digestive-improving cumin and nausea-relieving ginger. It’s warming, grounding and super simple. If you’re following a veg diet, you’ll know just how crucial little lentils are. Lentils are a low-calorie, nutrient-packed legume with a nutty flavour. They contain a great source of prebiotic fibre as well as protein and iron. These lentils pack a serious punch and so, are the stars of our favourite Indian dish. Check out the recipe now.

My Bestest Ever Vegetable Stock

Vegetable stock is a must-have in any kitchen but did you know you could make your very own stock at home? Homemade vegetable broths made mindfully at home are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to use up leftover veggies, making it a fabulous environmentally-friendly household staple. You can use this stock as a base for sauces, stocks, soups and stews. While you can make your own amazing veggie stocks by simply throwing veggie scraps like celery, carrots, garlic, herbs and other garden favourites into a pot, this is by far my favourite recipe for it. Get ready to knock your socks off with this awesome stock here.  

Anti-Inflammatory Spring Pea Soup

Pass the peas, please! Peas contain dietary fibre and a load of antioxidants to help reduce inflammation within the body and encourage healthy gut bacteria. They’re low in calories but high in protein, antioxidants and micronutrients. This anti-inflammatory soup is full of delicious spices and veggies to help ground the body and reduce inflammation . It's a green, lean, gut-healing machine! Get the recipe here. 

Vegan Caesar Salad

You know your friend who watched one of those vegan documentaries, guilted themselves into going vegan and invited you over for gross faux soy meats and soggy tofu dinners? Don’t be that friend. Ever. With my Vegan Caesar Salad, you can show the world just how delicious vegan food can be! I’ve used tempeh in this salad to add plant-based protein and beneficial bacteria to take this Caesar-inspired salad to the next level. If you want to read about my thoughts on soy and try out this delicious salad for yourself, click the recipe link here.

Bohemian Baked Vegetable Bowl

If you’re a keen foodie, you’ve no doubt already jumped on the Buddha Bowl bandwagon. Buddha bowl's are made to be absolutely beautiful. The vegetables are roasted perfectly and placed in delicate coconut bowls, ready to be forever instagrammable. My Bohemian Baked Vegetable Bowl is nothing like that. It’s totally messy, care-free and fun-loving. It’s not trendy; it’s a recipe you can enjoy forever. My Bohemian Baked Veg Bowl is made of deliciously roasted veg, a creamy tahini dressing and some kale, because well, kale. I’ve also included some sunflower seeds and pepitas for a delicious crunch. Let’s spread the messy veggie love with this recipe here.

Savoury Smashed Root Vegetables

Forget boring mashed potato and say hello to this delicious vegetable smash! Think turnip, parsnip, sweet potato and carrots. It's the perfect side to literally everything. My Savoury Smashed Root Vegetables are full of prebiotic-rich fibre for good gut health and delicious spices for mouth-watering approval. I’ve topped it with nutritional yeast flakes and you can use either Golden Gut Blend or Love Your Gut Powder for the ultimate gut-loving boost. Get smashing those vegetables with the unstoppable recipe here.

Oven Baked Veg and Garlic Soup with Toasted Seeds

This baked veg soup is absolutely fool-proof. It’s sure to warm you up from the inside out. It’s full of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory rich cauliflower to help fight off inflammation. Plus, the garlic in this soup can help lower cholesterol and combat heart disease. It’s seriously soupercharged! Think of the toasted seeds atop like the cherry on the cake – seeds are rich in zinc, a crucial but often forgotten mineral that helps with growth, skin health and immunity. Get the recipe here.  

Lentil and Sunflower Seed Moussaka

Last but certainly not least is my Lentil and Sunflower Seed Moussaka from Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian. It’ll turn any carnivore into a #meatlessmonday fanatic. It’s a seriously delicious recipe that’s oh-so-easy. Instead of using traditional dairy in this recipe, I’ve created a creamy and delicious alternative topping made of sunflower seeds. This moussaka’s topping is made with sunflower seeds to satisfy creamy winter cravings and offer you a healthy dose of vitamin E and B vitamins. I know - crazy talk! Try out the recipe below because it seriously needs to be made to be believed.

Lentil and Sunflower Seed Moussaka


  • 100g sliced eggplant
  • 100g zucchini, sliced
  • 1 onion, sliced
  • 3 Tbs olive oil
  • 1  shallot chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 2 Tbs Apple Cider vinegar
  • 2 cans of chopped tomatoes
  • 2 cans of lentils, lightly drained
  • 2 tsps oregano
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup vegetable stock 

Topping: Sunflower Seed Cheese 


  1. Preheat oven to 200C.
  2. Sprinkle eggplant and zucchini slices with Celtic Sea Salt let sit in a colander to drain for roughly 30 minutes, then rinse off the salt.
  3. Brush eggplant and zucchini with olive oil and  place in 200C oven for 20 mins until browned.
  4. Moving on to the sauce, sauté garlic and onions in a pan on your stove top until browned.
  5. Add apple cider vinegar, tomatoes, lentils, stock, oregano and cinnamon and cover and simmer on medium to low heat for about 15 minutes.
  6. To make the sunflower nut cheese, place pre-soaked seeds in a food processor and mix until a smooth paste. Then place into refrigerator to chill and firm. (Tip: For a creamier cheese add filtered water.)
  7. In a casserole dish place a layer of the cooked eggplant and zucchini, and cover layer with sauce. Repeat until casserole dish is full, or you have used all your vegetables and sauce. Ensure the top layer is vegetables.
  8. For the final layer, cover the vegetables in the sunflower nut cheese.
  9. Sprinkle nutritional yeast flakes on top. (Optional)
  10. Bake in oven at 220C for about 15-20 minutes or until the top is crispy.

Do you like cooking with veg?  Let me know your favourite recipes in the comments section below.

Six ways to improve your gut health + Vegetable Marrakesh Casserole

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You know that old saying: ‘happy life, happy wife’? If you want my personal opinion, I think it should be changed to ‘happy tummy, happy mummy’.  As many of you know, the gut is the cornerstone to health and linked to many other bodily systems and parts. It can affect your hormones, immune system, your emotions and mental capacity and of course the way that you absorb and digest food. If your gut isn’t happy, there’s a fairly good chance that you won’t be happy either.

Today I’m sharing six of my favourite tips to improve your gut health, so you can get on with life!

Include Fibre

When considering the health of your gut, consider fibre! Getting the right type of fibre into your diet will help you to create a healthy and diverse community of gut bacteria and regulate your digestion. There are two types of fibre. Insoluble fibre this is the one that doesn’t dissolve in water and helps speed up the passage of food and keep you regular, like some grains, nuts, seeds, beans, fruit and vegetables. The other type of fibre, soluble fibre, dissolves in water and helps form a gel in the body. Foods rich in soluble fibre include oatmeal, psyllium husks, berries, lentils, fruit and vegetables. Insoluble fibres are wonderful for flushing out the body but an excess of these fibres can be irritating. Soluble fibres on the other hand, are the ones you can also focus on for improved gut health.

When you eat the soluble fibres from whole plant foods, your gut bacteria ferment these fibres into short chain fatty acids which act as prebiotics to feed the good bacteria in your gut. When you eat adequate levels of soluble fibre, they pass through the stomach and small intestine and land up in the large intestine where they help grow your probiotic bacteria.  This helps maintain the lining of the gut, improves digestion, increases absorption of minerals and can even increase immune system function.  You can read more about probiotics and prebiotics here or learn abut it in my new book Supercharge Your Gut.

Some foods rich in soluble-fibre include sweet potatoes, carrots and root vegetables, green leafy vegetables, berries, nuts and seedsgrass fed, organic butter and ghee. Some of these delicious prebiotic and probiotic-rich foods can be found in my Marrakesh Casserole below!

Glowing skin is an inside (and outside) job

The skin is the largest and arguably, one of the most important organs in your body, it’s the barometer to measure and notice what is really going on inside. Dry skin brushing is an easy and calming technique that looks after your skin, stimulates the digestive and lymphatic systems, liver and adrenal glands, and assists these organs in decongesting. It also helps to give the body a gentle internal massage to stimulate circulation. Whenever I suggest dry skin brushing to someone when they’re suffering from gut health issues, they often look at me as if I’m crazy – how does brushing my skin make my stomach work properly? Well, by performing this technique you’ll actually be assisting the gut, by stimulating the digestive system, nutrient absorption and detoxification!

All you need to do is invest in a long-handled bath brush which contains natural bristles. Use long strokes, in a circular motion towards the heart. Before you dive straight in to brushing, ensure both your skin and your brush are dry. Begin with the soles of your feet and continue brushing upwards on both sides of your legs, then move to your back, then around to your abdomen where you can work in a clockwise direction following the direction of your colon and then head up towards your heart being careful with the chest region. Then, have a shower to remove debris and dead skin cells. Turns out you CAN brush your way to good gut health – who knew? 

Keeping stress levels at bay

Coming into one of the most frantic seasons this time of year, stress can be at a high. Long-term stress lingers for weeks and can be incredibly damaging to the gut. Evidence shows that our gut bacteria respond in a damaging way to negative emotions and stress out our bodies! When you’re stressed, your body produces hormones that can contribute to the proliferation of bad bacteria in the gut, sending it off kilter and this can lead to cravings, skin disruptions, fatigue and weight gain. In order to keep our guts happy and humming, keeping stress at bay is key. Obviously, decreasing stress can look a little bit different to everybody, so find out what works best for you. A few good stress-busting techniques include calming yoga, walks, ocean swims, meditation, spending time out in the sun, good talks with friends and connecting with nature. I guess it’s time to get your ‘om’ on!

Goodbye sugar-free sweeteners

Of course, there’s more to gut health than the practices we do – it’s also important to look at what you’re feeding your gut. Unfortunately for some of you, this may mean saying sayonara to sugar-free sweeteners. Sugar-free sweets, snacks and diet soft drinks can aggravate the gut and cause bloating because of all the artificial chemicals they contain. These chemicals, that our DNA doesn’t recognise or can’t digest properly, get completely swept up in the digestive tract and end-up in the colon, which is not what you want to happen when healing the gut! Large amounts of these additives can also cause flatulence; definitely another reason to stay away. There are far better ways to blow someone away.


I know what you’re thinking, if I hear another nutritionist talk about hydration being the key to good health, I’ll roll my eyes so far backwards they won’t come back to place! But, the simple technique of staying hydrated helps flush out negative bacteria within the gut and balance out the digestive system. This helps your body undergo all the complicated biochemical mechanisms to keep your gut happy and functioning. So yes, drinking water may be simple, but it does remarkable things for your gut health.  I usually stir a tablespoon of my Love Your Gut powder in the mornings into a cup of warm water.  It helps to clean the debris and keep my insides happy.  If you want to stay hydrated throughout the day, my Golden Gut Blend is a great way to mix it up- just add a tablespoon to warm milk of choice; it makes a gorgeous and tasty golden latte!

Stop gulping!

Eating is not a race. And yet, we all tend to scoff down our food so quickly you’d think we were going for gold at the Olympics! Our modern lack of mindful, slow eating and our forever on-the-go approach has a definite link to our gut heath issues. Gulping down food, guzzling down drinks and moving while eating inhibits your body’s ability to digest nutrients properly. Chewing more thoroughly while sitting down to a meal mindfully helps you tune into your body more and send your body into rest and digest mode. You’ll be less likely to overeat when you know you’re full! Plus, when you chew properly, your food is able to mix with saliva and increase the ease of digestibility before it reaches the stomach. This means it’s less hard work for your gut and less chance of that food-baby feeling. 

Getting hungry? Enjoy this prebiotic-rich Marrakesh Casserole, from my book Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian, slowly and mindfully. If done correctly, it'll nourish your gut, your body and your soul! 

Marrakesh Casserole


  • 60 ml (2 fl oz/1/4 cup) cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 large onion, roughly chopped
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 2 cm (3/4 inch) piece of ginger, minced
  • 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1 tablespoon turmeric
  • 1/4 teaspoon Celtic sea salt
  • 2–3 teaspoons dried harissa
  • 400 g (14 oz) tin diced tomatoes
  • 1 tablespoon rice malt syrup
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • 1/4 cup coriander (cilantro) leaves
  • 1/4 cup chopped mint leaves
  • 1 small pumpkin (winter squash), peeled and cut into 5 cm (2 inch) pieces
  • 1 sweet potato, peeled and cut into 5 cm (2 inch) pieces 
  • 3 carrots, peeled and cut into 5 cm (2 inch) pieces
  • 1 zucchini (courgette), cut into 5 cm (2 inch) pieces
  • 400 g (14 oz) tin chickpeas
  • cooked quinoa, to serve
  • coriander (cilantro) sprigs, to serve
  • 1 tablespoon grated lemon zest, to serve
  • mint leaves, to serve
  • 80 g (23/4 oz/1/2 cup) almonds, to serve


  • Heat the olive oil in a flame-proof tagine pot or casserole dish over medium heat and sauté the onion for 5 minutes, or until translucent.
  • Add the garlic, ginger and spices and stir well to combine.
  • Add the harissa, tomatoes, rice malt syrup, lemon juice, coriander and mint, bring to the boil and then reduce the heat.
  • Add the pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot and zucchini, stir well so they are all well covered in the sauce and simmer, covered, for 1 hour.
  • Add the chickpeas and cook for a further 5 minutes.
  • Serve on a bed of quinoa topped with the coriander, lemon zest, mint and roasted almonds.

Daikon and Witlof Salad

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I’m participating in the Give a Fork! Half way to #grexy meat-free weekdays challenge and will be committing to meat-free weekdays for the month.   

It’s an accessible challenge for me because although I don’t believe in restricting ingredients altogether, I’d like to do my bit as well as help raise awareness of the benefits of eating less meat for a healthier us, an improved food system and a more sustainable planet.  

Did you know that a 2015 study concluded that a diet that is vegetarian five days a week and includes meat two days a week would reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water and land use by about 45%? It would also reduce our reliance on the cruel and widespread practice of factory farming.

In the spirit of “growing your own”, I’ve recently created a small vegetable patch and herb wall in my garden and will be embracing lots of home grown vegetables and herbs to flavour up my dishes.

If I have any leftovers or scraps plus the garden waste, they all go into the compost bin at the back of the garden and then back onto the garden to feed the plants. 

I’m going to be filling my meat free weekdays with yummy digestion-enhancing foods and lots of herbs and greens.

I love this vibrant and energized fresh salad of daikon and endive, two very powerful vegetables when it comes to digestion.  It’s topped off with a spoonful of creamy spiced dressing and comes straight out of the pages of my new book Eat Right for Your Shape.

Daikon, a giant white radish and a cousin to red radishes, is used abundantly in Japan and Korea to aid digestion and cleanse blood.

Tuscan Kaleslaw with Creamy Sesame Dressing

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veg 11

Kale is a four letter word that’s been copping alot of flak in the media lately. 

The guardian calls it “shorthand for smug health freakery” or a symbol of the dietary quirks of a clueless, effete bourgeoisie.

“The maid forgot to put kale in my royal jelly smoothie! Waaaah!”

Really? ouch.  That’s gotta hurt the poor veggies feelings no?.

Aside from all of the clickbait headlines, Ryan Gosling memes and National Kale Day, because it’s everywhere like a Kardashian during awards season, you can see why it’s been ceremoniously knocked of its pedestal and ridiculed as the hip queen of greens.

Even if it is just histrionics.

But just because uber trendy people with half samurai, half mid-life crisis man buns and skinny jeans like to eat it in hipster hangouts or drown it in coconut oil and make chips out of it doesn’t mean that it should demonised as a faddish fashion food. 

This Roman staple has been around long before so called “new aged ancient superfoods”.   

I guess it’s inevitable when you start schmoozing with the in-crowd that the out-crowd crucify your cruciferousness and want to tear you apart in cyber space.

That’s why I’m going to share with you a delicious kale recipe. And it’s for no other reason than I like it and it tastes good when partnered with the right ingredients or cooked well.

Plus at this moment right now, it really is the perfect crossover time whichever continent you’re living on, to incorporate this seasonal primeval member of the cabbage family with its crisp texture and hint of bitterness into your spring or autumn meals.

Spotlight on Cauliflower Plus Cauliflower and Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe

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CheeseCake_2 Oh Boy, have I got a pin-worthy, insta-ready veg for you.
It’s that time of the month where I’m offering a delicious life hack, shining the spotlight on my favourite ingredient- showcasing its history, nutritional benefits and including a scrumptious recipe for you to give a go.
Secretly, I’m hoping to entice you to use more of my favourite ingredient of the month, each week.  That’s the plan.
What do you think of when you see snow-capped trees in winter? Being a foodie means I immediately think of my “IT GIRL” vegetable, cauliflower, with its fluffy brain-like shrubs of sculptured florets clinging together, just begging to be cut down, pulled apart and caramelised, baked and used as a sponge to soak up juices, aromatic flavours and beckoning spices.
Whether used as a stand-alone ingredient, riced, roasted or steamed, added to curries, soups, frittatas, muffins, burgers, patties, or used as a bulkening ingredient in desserts, this humble, fibre-rich crown of curds and cruciferous-ness is comfort food heaven.
Move over Kim Kardashian, even cauliflower pizza crusts have now BROKEN the internet.  #TeamCauliflower
Speaking of desserts, I’m adding a nutritional bonus to treat time and sharing my call me crazy Cauliflower and Raspberry Cheesecake recipe from Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian.  Scroll down for more.

Spotlight on Peas and Pea Soup Recipe

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veg 7 - Copy Flavour of the month
I’ve been zig-zagging the country for the past couple of months giving talks about my latest book Eat Clean Green and Vegetarian and one of the common requests that I’ve encountered is the opportunity to look at individual ingredients in more detail.
I’m going to be adding a new section to the blog whereby each month I’ll shine the spotlight on one of my favourite ingredients and present its unique health benefits, along with deliciously clean and simple recipes.
To kick off, I’m letting you in on one of my favourite secret ingredients the overly overlooked green pea.  By the end of this post I hope that you’ll agree this little pocket rocket will be worth shelling out for.
The dreaded green pea has for some families and in particular their children been one of the worst nightmares at the dinner table, primarily in the form of a torturous sphere of green mush on a plate.
However, with the help of my new column I’m hoping to reignite the vividly emerald Green Pea and provide it with a new lease of life in your kitchen by offering you an insight into its enormous health reimbursements.
Although we consider the pea a vegetable for culinary purposes, each pea pod and its contents is collectively a fruit, and the peas inside are the seeds.
The toddlers of the bunch are harvested young and known as snow peas and sugar snap peas, or mangetout. The latter being fuller and rounder than pea pods and both the pod and peas can be eaten.  To prepare younger varieties, rinse in cold water, and top and tail by removing the string running along either side of the pod.
Sugar snaps are delicious in a stir fry or crunchy salad or steamed until crisp then topped with olive oil. Snow peas have an edible pod that is flatter and it’s best to look for smaller more tender versions.

Two Minty Chocolate Drink Recipes

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  veg 6 - Copy For the past few weeks I've had mint on my mind, just as I emerge from my long-standing sage phase.
When it comes to herbs mixing and mingling and adding a sprig or two into your diet both culinarily and medicinally can enhance not only your meals but also your health.  Herbs really are a dream come true in the kitchen.
You’ll frequently find me fraternizing with fennel due to its fragrant flavourings and anti-inflammatory and digestive capabilities, the oils stimulating secretion of digestive and gastric juices in the stomach and intestines, reducing inflammation and helping to fast-track the absorption of nutrients from your food.
Hob knobbing with a highly fragrant herb like basil can be a wholly wholesome experience.  Anti-bacterial basil is also a wonderful anti-inflammatory herb because of the eugenol component of its oils which can block the activity of an enzyme in the body called cyclooxygenase.  If you’ve ever taken non-steriodal over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDS) such as aspirin and ibuprofen, they work in a similar way by inhibiting this enzyme. Basil is a wonderful herb for symptomatic relief of inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or inflammatory bowel conditions.
Harmonising with fresh herbs will offer you an insight into their prowess, releasing their beautiful perfumed flavours readily into your dishes.  The golden rule when cooking with herbs is fat first then herbs last.  If you’re known for getting your coriander confused with cumin alleviate your herbal haze with this wonderful reference guide includes all of the most common (and some uncommon) herbs and spices.
Quite often it’s easy to buy a bunch of herbs and use only a couple of leaves in a recipe, then shove them into the back of the fridge,  forgetting about them and finding them weeks later all limp and bedraggled.
When storing herbs, hardy herbs like rosemary, thyme and sage can stay aromatic for up to two weeks if you place them in the fridge, but do remember to keep them as dry as possible.  The warmest part of the fridge is generally the top shelf.

Mint Choc Chip Smoothie

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Here I show you how to make the tasty and healthy Mint Choc Chip Smoothie from my brand new book - Supercharged Food: Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian, you can read more about it here.

Free-Spirited Nachos

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  nachos Now that the New Year is in full swing, you’ve probably already firmly set your customary resolutions.  Perhaps you’d like to try and eat healthier, exercise more, or maybe you’ve bookmarked a few blogs and cook books and you’re busting to get back into the kitchen and reacquaint yourself with your food processor?
Healthy cooking can be a breeze when you have time on your hands, the luxury of being able to source fresh ingredients and the desire to cook.  The challenge is striking the balance between affordability and quality, ensuring you’re not spending all your free time preparing food and finding recipes that are not only convenient and easy on the wallet, but simple to make with ordinary nutritious ingredients.
Spoiler alert…
So often we’re strongly encouraged to buy an ingredient or health product because it’s good for you, or because someone has told you that it’s healthy, but healthy eating shouldn’t be about strategically placed health claims.  It is really just about simplicity and keeping it real. Buying fresh ingredients in their truest form and preparing them to your liking is the key to being healthy as is leaving packeted processed foods with a string of unfavourable ingredients on the shelf.
When it comes to ‘healthy eating’ why not make 2015 the year to discover what YOU believe in?  Make a stand to eat by your own rules, your way, without self-doubt or others trying to persuade you otherwise?
In the new year, instead of being overly health obsessed and bounding in with gusto to try the next “super berry from the Amazon” or being hoodwinked by a more restrictive, bigger, better fad diet, you know the ones that hustle, race and elbow each other out of the way to weasel their way into your apprehensions and anxieties faster.  Maybe it’s time to begin to believe in you and your inner sense of self knowing and wisdom when it comes to being healthy?
I believe that finding real food that makes you feel happier, more energised, alive and other adverbs can be produced easily without all of the punchlines and sensationalism.  It certainly feels like the right time to throw 2014’s faddish ‘optimal’ diets out the door, broaden your horizons and do what feels right for you.
Healthy eating is not about deprivation and it doesn’t mean that yummy dishes like nachos need to be abolished.  These angelic nachos from my new book Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian are an easy to make healthy alternative to traditional nachos that are often laden with dodgy ingredients and leave you feeling bloated afterwards.   I’ve reinvented traditional nachos to give them a renewed sense of freedom that the new year can bring.  Nachos can be enjoyed regardless of how old you are, in fact they’re the kind of dish which improves with age; much like kombucha, good cheese or Dominic West.  Yes really. 🙂

A Festive Feast for Christmas

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xmas pic Move over activated almonds and bliss balls, this year I’m letting you in on some of my highly classified festive recipes so you can stage a splendid seasonal spread on Christmas Day.
Because balance is the key to my personal food philosophy, I won’t be rolling out any stodgy Christmas pudding or cake, rich mince pies, sugared jellies, or brandy sauce. You can however check out my Cranberry Fruit Pies which are delightfully scrumptious.
Cranberry minced pies
I’m offering you a parcel of Christmas recipes, delicious and simple to create just in time for the big day.  A merrimental collection of meals which can be piled high upon your festooned plate to form an anatomical and visual feast, encapsulating every colour of the celebratory rainbow.
If you haven’t ventured in yet, now is the perfect opportunity to get re-acquainted with your Christmas menu planning without so much of a hint of the word “Superfood”  🙂
Hazelnut and Capsicum Pesto  
Bite-sized appetizers are perfect to serve as guests arrive and dips such as my Hazelnut and Capsicum Pesto or Cashew and Basil Pesto are good to keep hungry guests pecking and snacking upon.
Salmon Pate is an elegant make-ahead starter to ease you into the Christmas day festivities.
Celery Leek and Thyme soup is a mellow and lightly flavoured bowl of deliciousness to keep the table light and summery.
Rainbow Salad
If you’re looking for a salad option, cast your eyes to the picture above  to find an exciting combination I like to call my Over the Rainbow Salad, which comes from my new recipe book Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian, or feast seasonally on a kale, strawberry, and avocado salad, both full of warm Christmas colours and perfect for a lighter option.
You can also bring a petty slaw to the table by serving a Daikon and Endive Salad with a creamy spiced dressing on the side.
549 Cooking roast chicken with rosemary and lemon tonight_ yummy
For an alternative to turkey or ham, buy an organic chicken and make this delicious garlic and rosemary chicken, bursting with flavour and warmth.
For something a little spicier you’ll love this Paprika, Garlic and Rosemary Chicken to make the Christmas table complete.  My friend and fellow yoga teacher who blogs over at Lilapud came up with this deliciously spiced combo.   pic Paprika, Garlic and Rosemary Chicken
Serves 6
  • 2 tbs of gluten free flour
  • 2 tsp paprika
  • 1 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • 1/2 tsp Celtic sea salt
  • 6 organic chicken thighs
  • 6 organic chicken drumsticks
  • 1 tbs avocado or Extra Virgin olive oil
  • 1 1/2 cups of organic free range chicken stock
  • 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar
  • 4-6 garlic cloves unpeeled
  • 3 stalks of rosemary
  • Pre heat oven to 190 degrees Celsius
  • Place flour, spices/seasoning in a large zip lock bag & shake to mix
  • Add the chicken pieces and toss to coat
  • Heat oil in a large, flameproof baking dish
  • Shake off excess flour from chicken and add the pieces in batches to the hot pan to brown all over
  • Once browned, place chicken back into the pan; add stock, apple cider vinegar, garlic and rosemary
  • Bring to the boil then transfer to pre-heated oven, uncovered, for 40 minutes or until chicken is tender and cooked through
  • Remove chicken from pan, cover to keep warm, and make a reduction by cooking the pan juices in the same dish over a medium heat, uncovered, for about 5 minutes or until the sauce thickens slightly
  • Place chicken back to the pan and serve it at the table straight from the pan
Muffin Stuffing is a quick and easy stuffing recipe that looks great next door to the main meal.  I like to cook mine in a muffin pan with individual paper cases.
muffin stuffing
Makes 6 large or 12 small Ingredients
  • 500 gms ground pork, crumbled
  • 4 tablespoons E V olive oil
  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves minced
  • 3/4 cup pine nuts or crushed nuts
  • 2 sticks of celery ribs sliced finely
  • 1 TBS dried sage, rosemary and thyme
  • 2 TBS parsley chopped
  • 1 TBS lemon zest
  • 1 cup chicken stock or until a moist consistency
  • 1 egg whisked
  • 1/2 cup pre-cooked quinoa or brown rice
  • 1/4 cup chopped parsley
  • Fine sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • Preheat oven to 190 degrees Celsius
  • Pre grease a 12 or large six cup muffin pan
  • In a medium saucepan melt oil over medium heat add garlic, onion and celery, and cook until translucent then add pork, herbs, and lemon zest, and cook until pork is no longer pink
  • Place rice or quinoa and nuts in a large bowl and mix in chicken stock and whisked egg then add contents of saucepan, season with salt and pepper and transfer to muffin pan, pressing mix in and baking in oven for 30 mins until golden brown and the top is crispy
  • For best results serve warm!
 mashes and bowls
Veggies to compliment chicken are some simply roasted pumpkin or sage mashed cauliflower as a light alternative to potatoes. For ease, slow cooked green beans can be popped on in the morning to simmer slowly on the stove.
  xmas cake LR
You’ll love my Fool Proof Fruit Cake recipe which can be made simply and easily and with a minimum of fuss.  It’s a handy one to have at home for Christmas or bake then leave it in its baking paper and wrap it up in a pretty bow to take to your Christmas party.  You have my personal guarantee that everyone will be very impressed.
Supercharged Fruit Cake is a flexible feast for stress free festive entertaining. You can add in whatever dried or dehydrated fruit you have in your cupboard or try it with a combination of fruits depending upon your tastes, guaranteeing you a different experience each time you make it.
The richly dark and intense flavour means you’ll only need a small slither to be fully satisfied.
Your festive feast is sorted!  Now go and enjoy it  😀

Over the Rainbow Salad with Tahini and Lemon Dressing

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Rainbow Salad There's really no excuse to not get your veg on right now.
If you're looking for a light and healthy spin, combine any raw veggies in this kaleidoscopic feast for a completely balanced meal.  It's a recipe straight out of the pages of my latest book, Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian.
It’s easy to throw together and deliciously healthy. The tahini and lemon dressing tastes so much better than any pre-packaged dressing you would buy in the grocery store, and it takes a nanosecond to prepare.
Over the Rainbow Salad with Tahini and Lemon Dressing
Serves 2
  • 2 cups mixed salad greens
  • 1 red onion, sliced
  • 1 small beetroot (beet), thinly sliced or spiralised
  • 40 g (11/2 oz/1/2 cup) shredded  purple cabbage
  • 1 red capsicum (pepper), seeds and membrane removed and diced
  • 1 yellow capsicum (pepper), seeds and membrane removed and diced
  • 1 carrot, thinly sliced or spiralised
  • 1 cucumber, diced
  • 1 avocado, peeled, stone removed and sliced into wedges
  • sprinkle of pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
  • handful of bean sprouts
  • 1 tablespoon sesame seeds, to garnish
Tahini and lemon dressing
  • 135 g (43/4 oz/1/2 cup) tahini
  • 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 5 drops stevia liquid
  • 1 teaspoon Celtic sea salt, or to taste
  • Place all the salad ingredients, except the sesame seeds,  in a bowl and carefully mix together.
  • To make the dressing, place all the ingredients in  a bowl with 60 ml (2 fl oz/1/4 cup) of filtered water  and blend until a smooth paste forms. Add more  filtered water, if required.
  • Dress the salad, sprinkle over the sesame seeds and  serve immediately.
Supercharged Tip
For a cheesier dressing, add 2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast flakes. If you love soy, this salad can be garnished with cubed fresh, organic tofu, marinated in wheat-free tamari for 5 minutes and fried in a small amount of coconut oil on all sides until crispy.  

Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian

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Supercharged Veg_CVR_lo It is easy being green... and you don't need to wear horsetail braids, love kale or do yoga to be a vegetarian. When I first thought about the next book that I wanted to write after Eat Yourself Beautiful, one of the books that was missing on my recipe book shelf was a complete guide to vegetarian cooking.  I feel like vegetables are the complete package and because they're really high in nutrients and fibre and keep all of the important parts of your body working optimally I wanted to make them the star of the dinner table by placing them front and centre.
In the run up to writing my third print book, Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian, I'd been stalked on Instagram, asked by a large number of people to include more vegetarian recipes in my books and I began to think that perhaps I was actually losing my Veg-inity somewhat, with all of the slow cooked lamb dishes I was serving up!
The truth is, I consider myself a flexitarian and someone who has a high plant based diet but I don't follow any strict rules when it comes to one diet or another.  I like to listen to my body for clues about what to eat and use real food from nature where I can, remembering to eat in a mindful and balanced way.
It became evident, that the next book I wanted to create was one where every recipe was plant based, but not just your average hockey puck veggie patties or nut roasts that you often see in vegetarian books.  I don't believe that you need to live on boring beans and rice dishes to enjoy a vegetarian diet and my veg dishes sparkle with freshness and the kind of flavour that hails directly out of the veg plot.  They're also all gluten and sugar free and have minimal dairy.
I needed to go beyond meatless Mondays and devise a menu where any day could begin with a vegan edible smoothie, a verdant green breakfast bowl or comforting Amaranth, Walnut and Pumpkin Porridge.
I've included hearty meals such as beautiful beetroot bourguignon and French roasted ratatouille and ones that can be eaten in-season such as winter vegetable korma or summer lettuce leaf tacos.  Because I consider myself a bit of a soup devotee I've incorporated a creamy mushroom with red quinoa chowder, a wonderfully filling pea soup for the soul and an aromatically curried parsnip pottage.
Healthy vego snacks if you’re feeling peckish and in the mood for a light indulgence, come in the way of celeriac fries, red onion bahjis with minted raita, mini chive pancakes or sweet spiced nuts- I’m letting you in on my secret weapon for handbags!
veg 1
Supercharged Food, Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian is rounded off with some lip smacking plant based desserts so you never have to skip dessert again.  Think triple mint slices made with beauty boosting spinach! Fresh blueberry fudge which is perfect for lunchboxes or to take to high tea, cheeky spinach ice cream, and you heard it here first, a cauliflower and raspberry cheesecake, yes I said cauliflower and cheesecake in the same sentence!  I know that you'll be surprised at how absolutely delicious it tastes too.  And I’m not sure if I mentioned my ultimate gooey chocolate cake? Pretty hard to believe it's actually good for you.
veg 2
Really there’s no reason not to nosh like a nutritionist when you have all of these healthy veg options. After my extensive research into the area of vegetarian food, I was very surprised to discover how extremely unhealthy a vegetarian diet can be if you make bad food choices.
Supermarket options lack essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for health and I couldn't step far enough away from the processed soy, meat and dairy alternatives on show in local shops. Unfortunately, I discovered plot loads of vegetarian products screaming with GM soy. In particular soy protein, soybean oil and soy lecithin which is an emulsifier that’s added to many processed foods.
Soy derivatives have become a toxic additive in our food products and act as a protein and nutrient absorption blocker causing abdominal distress in some people.  I'm yet to find a vegetarian based mayonnaise and salad dressing without soy bean oil and another ingredient, textured vegetable protein, or TVP as it is commonly known which contains the flavour enhancer MSG, can bring on unpleasant reactions in some people, and it was rife across instant vegetarian fare.
I'm hoping that my new vegetarian recipes will alleviate the need to buy processed vegetarian options, especially as my recipes are so easy to recreate at home and are infused with healthy ingredients.
I haven't left out vegans either with each recipe having options to veganise.  If you’re a long standing vegan or going vegan cold turkey, I'm not just talking about convenient alterations, I've included and sign-posted nutritious alternatives that will really boost your health and well-being.
Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian, you’ll be able to simply and easily swap out ingredients depending upon your individual preferences and eating guidelines and enjoy recipes that really benefit your health and your waistline.
No one likes to open the fridge only to find withering, limp and sad faced vegetables, so I've included a "Storing Your Vegetables" food chart which will help you to understand how to properly preserve nutrients, freshness and keep your beautiful veg edible longer.
The book contains useful seasonal guides so you can see what is in season and there’s a section on how to source the best veg at affordable prices.   Vegetables have enzymes that both make and destroy vitamins and after your produce has been picked, vitamin production stops, but degradation continues so I've also included wonderful methods to store and cook your vegetables to ensure optimum nutrition from your meals.  
This really is the ultimate Vegetarian guide with delicious and inspiring recipes and I hope you love it as much as I do and that you and your family gets years of enjoyment from the recipes.  
Supercharged Food, Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian will hit the shelves on 1st January 2015 and it's now available for pre-order here.
When you pre-order it, your copy will be sent to you on the 27th December right on track for post Xmas healthy meal planning.  Plus I’m going to give you a free copy of my Supercharged Food for Kids eBook with every pre-order because it's Christmas time!  
To receive your free copy send me an email with your email address and I'll zoom one over to you ASAP!.
veg 11
Happy Cooking 🙂
Lee xo      


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