The Whole Boodies Review

Whole BoodiesI wake up to the soothing scent of mint blowing through the wind. I look out my window to see beautiful coconuts falling from the trees. I’m in absolute bliss.

Now if we take this to the real world, I’ve just woken up from my sleep and I’m ready to start the day as quickly as I can hit my snooze button. With my beautiful new The Whole Boodies products though, I wake up feeling like I’m on holiday every day of the week. The Whole Boodies has an irresistible range products that are made of natural, nourishing and whole ingredients! 

The Whole Boodies are a beautiful certified organic Australian-owned brand that will leave you feeling refreshed, calm and more than ready to start the day ahead! They have a range of vegan, organic body, hair and oral care that is packaged in bright bottles with cheeky humour. It's hard to not fall in love with this brand! 

The Whole Boodies Mint Toothpaste 100g

Grab your toothbrush and get brushing! Get ready to say goodbye to the nasties of toothpastes that we once knew – because this toothpaste has none of that. The Whole Boodies Mint Toothpaste is sulfate and fluoride free, natural, organic and vegan! It cleverly combines a blend of organic essential oils without any nasties to ensure you’ll be feeling kissing ready in no time. Using this toothpaste will leave your mouth feeling fresh and your teeth shiny and bright.

The Whole Boodies Mint Mouthwash 250ml

This mouthwash contains only the finest essential oils and organic aloe vera to bring you minty fresh breath, pristine gums and a super clean feel. The Whole Boodies Mint Mouthwash will put up a strong fight against any bacteria and bad breath coming your way. The best part is, you can swish this wash around your mouth and know that it is made of only the finest organic ingredients that are completely natural and kind to the environment.  

The Whole Boodies Coconut Vanilla Body Wash 250ml

Are you counting down the days (or like me, constantly fantasizing) about your next tropical island getaway? Look no further than The Whole Boodies Body Wash! Using only natural and organic ingredients that are completely cruelty-free and vegan, this brilliant bottle packs a powerful cleaning punch with plant-based ingredients! Oh, and did we mention it’ll make you smell like sweet vanilla and tropical coconut? Come on, give yourself some love! You deserve it.  

The Whole Boodies Coconut Vanilla Body Lotion 250ml

Want to carry that tropical coconut scent with you every day? I’ve got the solution! The Whole Boodies Coconut Vanilla Body Lotion is perfect for lathering on for any occasion – before going out, before bed and just when you’re in the mood to treat yourself. It combines the perfect combination of sweet vanilla with tropical coconut to bring you that tropical island feel everyday of the week. This dreamy lotion uses only natural and organic ingredients to provide deeply soft and hydrated skin. Coconuts contains a boat load of antioxidants which help combat dryness and premature skin aging! What are you waiting for?  Take that trip to paradise.

The Whole Boodies is your answer to hair, body and oral care that is natural, organic, cruelty free, looks good, smells good, works well and is affordable!

You can learn more about The Whole Boodies products here: www.thewholeboodies.com.au


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