The 20/20 Diet Cookbook

GF_353_lola_cover-20140219110810745813-300x0 Nutritionist Lola Berry's gorgeous cookbook is based on her own personal weight loss journey having lost 20 kilograms in 20 weeks. The way that she transformed her body was by changing her diet and not over eating. Previously she ate alot of sugary type foods and this contributed to her weight gain but after transforming her diet she lost a bunch of weight and now has so much energy and feels fantastic.

Lola shares how simple it is to make delicious meals using "high energy wholefoods".  The recipes are gluten and wheat free so perfect for people who are on a gluten free diet. The sweetener she uses in her recipes is maple syrup and she swaps out milk for almond milk.

Her recipes are delicious with not too many ingredients so they are suitable for everyone, even if you are just beginning to cook using natural ingredients you'll find this book very easy to follow and it has a great quirky style too.

The recipes are full of healthy and nutritious ingredients and she includes fruits, veggies, meats, and good fats in her diet.

If you want to lose weight and get healthy with yummy recipes, this is a wonderful cook book to have in your kitchen. Find out more about Lola here.

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