Simplicious by Sarah Wilson

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Sarah Wilson's Simplicious is a must for every aspiring cook, and even the most learned home cooks. It has all of the tips and tricks you need to help re-master the basic art of food preparation.

Far beyond a simple recipe book though, this resource is a text book of how-to's; including practical guides on waste avoidance expressed through tips on how to buy in bulk, freeze, preserve and use scraps to make mouthwatering new meals.

This is a beautiful cooking guide filled with aesthetically gorgeous images reflecting simple, straightforward but innovative meal ideas that are completely free or low in sugar.

One of the key elements about this book is the emphasis on mindful eating and enjoying real, wholesome food for pleasure, rather than perceiving it with stress or fear and it embodies Sarah’s principles of “JERF” (Just Eat Real Food).

I made the Green Scraps Shakshouka with some leftover greens, pesto and eggs and it was delicious. It’s an environmental take on a classic Israeli bubble ‘n’ squeak.  Should have taken a pic but mine looked a bit "fugly".

Sarah has dedicated a whole chapter to leftover mishmashes, featuring an abundance of clever leftover dishes to make the most of your spare ingredients and bits and bobs. Look forward to globe-trotting your way through Bibimbap Pancakes, Green Gumbo, Fridge-door Tonnato, Fish Pie and a wholesome Vegan Quiche.

My favourite bit? Three ways with oily fish...Only another sardine lover would understand my excitement about this!


An overall brilliant cookbook that is generously informative and will inspire people to realise that cooking is a vital practice that saves money, time, your health and the environment.

More information can be found about Sarah here on her blog or you can find her recipe book here.

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