Retreatment Botanics By Olivia Newton-John

Retreatment Botanics by Olivia Newton-John is my skincare find of the year!

I exhibited my Superchargedfood products at The Green Edit recently, a carefully curated blend of the best and most exciting products in the natural and organic beauty, health and wellness space.

I was really honoured to be there and to be able to share my products and philosophies on health, wellbeing and longevity. It was also an amazing opportunity to discover some incredible like-minded brands and businesses that are creating  gorgeous earth-friendly and natural products.

One product range that really stood out to me was the stunning skincare range - Retreatment Botanics by Olivia Newton-John introduced to me by the skincare experts at Gaia Retreat & Spa in the Byron Bay Hinterland.

Of course, I was eager to learn a great deal more about this all-natural, luxury brand, and I was also super keen to try it for myself!

Retreatment Botanics by Olivia Newton-John is Created without Compromise

One of the things I adore about Retreatment Botanics by Olivia Newton-John is that it has been created totally without compromise. Every facet of this beautiful range has been lovingly thought out and produced with respect to our skin, our planet and the beautiful animals that we share Mother Earth with.

It's so ethical. Firstly, it's Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan which means it isn't tested on animals, but it also contains no animal ingredients whatsoever. What's also wonderful is that none of the ingredients used have ever been tested on animals.

Next, this gorgeous range is Certified Palm Oil Free by the Orangutan Alliance, an independent, industry based, non-profit organisation and registered charity promoting the reduction of non sustainable palm oil in consumer products.

This was so important to Olivia, who has been a champion for the planet and animals since she as a young girl.

“Retreatment Botanics is so close to my heart,” reveals Olivia. “The Gaia team and I consulted with top natural skincare experts and formulated a pure performance skincare range that evokes the luxurious sensual treatments of our beautiful Gaia Retreat & Spa.

It's a product that is gentle on our skin and bodies, calming and uplifting for the spirit, kind to Mother Earth and harms no living creatures."

But Does it Really Work?

The short answer is YES! I've been using it for just over a week now, after I was lucky enough to be treated to a luxury Gaia inspired facial while the team was in Sydney.

I met with the lovely Trudi Jaye, who is General Manager of the brand and who worked super closely with Olivia and her team in the formulation of this stunning range.

Trudi explained to me the detailed and advanced cellular extraction methods they use to harness the goodness of the ingredients.

"We use a unique extraction method called Australian Cellular BioMimicry," explains Trudi. "It’s a new, ground-breaking technology that captures the phyto-compounds from plants as they exist in nature. We know that Australian native plants survive some of the harshest environments on earth. Science has also shown that to survive, they intelligently store high concentrations of antioxidants and vitamins. So, our new Cellular Extraction technology captures these antioxidants and vitamins as they exist in the plant and keeps them stable until applied to the skin. It allows delivery of the plant’s molecular profile to help target skincare concerns and deliver visible results from the very first application."

The Proof is in the Glow!

My skin looked and felt so much more radiant after the facial and this has only improved with each and every twice daily ritual. The products not only feel incredible on the skin, but they deliver a truly sensorial experience. Each has its own unique scent, which come from the pure, native Australian botanicals used in each individual formula.

The idea behind the range is not just to give you glowing, younger looking skin for longer, but to bring a slice of Gaia Retreat & Spa to your home.

This where the term 'ritual' comes in. it's not just about daily skincare. Its about self-care and pampering yourself, Giving yourself some love and perhaps even repeating affirmations as you apply the stunning products. Things like, "I am love" or "I am worthy" or "I am strong and capable". Whatever your heart feels it needs on any given day.

I've been doing this and I feel and look so much better - glowing, clearer, brighter and just refreshed and relaxed.

My Favourite Products

Ok, I’m not going to lie - I really, really love all the products, but my favourites are firstly Kakadu Brightening Serum and Restore Serum. They are both heavenly to apply and my skin drinks them in quickly, and glows almost immediately. I apply them both morning and night and just love them. They're the perfect base for make-up, too.

Then, I honestly cannot go past Instant Glow Face Masque. It really does give the skin an instant glow and it leaves me feeling so revived, calm, uplifted and just beautiful!

Wherever you are, you simply should keep this gorgeous earth-friendly skincare close by. It's the perfect antidote to our modern world and the best thing I've used on my skin in ages!

To find out more about the range you can go here.

Also if you' like to try the range yourself for your self-care days, we have a special discount code for Supercharged Food users.


You can order here...

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