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I love it when I get to learn new things, particularly when it involves two of my favourite pastimes: food and eating!

Last week I was fortunate enough to be part of an incredible sushi making master class at Toko Restaurant in Sydney. We spent the morning learning from top chefs how to carve and create sashimi and I also had a hand at rolling out some sushi too… then eating it of course.


This class was one of the added bonuses at the launch of Panasonic’s new range of eco-friendly fridges. The hero product on the day was the new French Door fridge, showcasing an impressive range of functional, intelligent and elegant technologies.

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Within the French Door fridge is a centralised vegetable case which offers an airtight design, keeping humidity levels high, halting the natural drying out process of foods over time. They’ve also introduced Vitaminsafe technology which operates within the vegetable crisper. This activates the natural defenses of fruits and vegetables to help keep them fresher for a longer period of time, saving you money and frequent trips to the supermarket.

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Panasonic also showed off a new premium range of bottom-mount fridges which comes with Prime Fresh technology in a special dedicated compartment. This new feature helps to maintain the flavor, texture and nutrients of produce that lives in the fridge by lightly freezing fresh meat and seafood to around minus three degrees Celsius. As food is only slightly frozen, it extends the life of your perishables while still maintaining nutrients, flavour and texture. A handy time saver that removes the need for long defrosting time.

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All of Panasonic’s fridges keep bacteria and nasties at bay. This is particularly useful if you tend to put things in the fridge and leave them for ages, and then are surprised to discover a soggy Christmas pudding from 2012, or last month’s Thai takeaway. Within the fridge is an Ag Clean silver coated filter which cleans the circulating air to kill 99% of mould and bacteria inside the refrigerator. That’s good news for you, but not such good news for your long-standing fridge dwellers.

Another great environmental aspect of the new range of fridges is that the cooling systems evenly distribute chilled air from the rear panel throughout the refrigerator for gentle cooling, maintaining a constant temperature.


Energy consumption is reduced due to the four Econavi intelligent sensors that actively monitor usage patterns, lighting and temperature. Once these have been established by this very clever technology, your fridge energy output can be adapted to your unique usage patterns, enabling you to have the most efficient operation of your fridge and also save money on energy bills. And we all want a bit more of that!

The sleek, modern and functional designs with touch controls and recessed curved handles are seamless and good looking enough to complement any kitchen. If you’re in the market for a new fridge, I’d recommend this gorgeous range.  Find out more here.

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