Dietlicious by Gourmet Dinner Service

I have been enjoying the luxury of delicious pre-organised meals this past week! The team at Dietlicious have kept my hunger at bay whilst detoxing my insides as I made my way through their 5-day dietician designed Cleansing Diet Program. I’ll give you a little snapshot of the scrummy meals I was indulging in whilst on the program! On day one I began with a cleansing lemon in water, followed by a Watermelon, mint and acai smoothie. My chicken tagine with quinoa for lunch was proceeded by a nutritious nut and seed mix and I was give a box of lovely fresh seasonal fruit to choose from for an afternoon snack with ginger tea. My dinner for day 1 was a Thai red tofu curry with stir fry vegetables, followed by a piece of fruit as a healthy alternative to a fat-laden dessert.

The Cleanse Program is preservative, additive, dairy, wheat and red meat free and the meals come pre-packaged for convenience. Although you all know I absolutely love to cook, it was a really welcome change to have a quick and easy nutritious meal ready to go. The Cleanse program is only one of the various meal plans on offer and you can personalize the plans so that they are targeted specifically to your needs.  

Dietlicious was launched by Janel Horton and her company Gourmet Dinner Service in 2011 and continues to be one of the leading Meal Delivery services in Australia.

I would really recommend Dietlicious for anyone time-poor and looking for a healthy alternative to those salt and preservative-laden meals found in the frozen meal section of the supermarket. 

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