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Native Box was founded by two young health and nature conscious Australians who craved easy access to affordable eco-friendly, natural and organic products.

The way Native Box works is that you sign up for a monthly box of eco goodies, varying between natural personal care, food, lifestyle, household and cleaning items. These arrive in either a sample or a full size.

The Native Box team get together to curate a box of healthier and safer alternatives to conventional household and kitchen products that are all 100% Australian owned. Once they’ve searched high and low for a variety of products the native box is born, packaged and delivered directly to your door.

Boxes start at $19.95 a month and you can sign up for one, three, six or twelve months. You can also give a Native Box as a great gift for someone’s birthday, to say thank you or to spread the Native Box love!

There is also a beauty box that can be delivered to your door with some fantastic natural skin care products and cosmetics. Every month you’re provided with a random assortment of new and emerging products in the market that will not leave a mark on the environment or cause an array of unknown consequences on your body and skin.

If you like a product they send to you, you can then visit their online store to buy some of your favourite natural products. If you’re interested visit their website and also enter the latest Supercharged competition to win one of three amazing Nature Box prize packs.

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