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I’ve recently discovered MSM which is an ingredient that I hadn’t heard too much about.  My sister came over from Perth to visit me over Christmas and had bought with her some MSM powder as she suffers from Osteo-arthritis and had heard about it from one of her friends.  She mentioned how she has been really happy with the results and her symptoms had diminished significantly, so I thought I’d give the skin care products a try.

Mismo skincare products treat skincare conditions naturally and the range includes cleansers and make up products also.  All of the creams and gels include MSM- an organic sulphur and natural pain relief agent.  I tried out the Cell smoother, A-C-E Vitmain Serum and Rejuvenating Gel and they all made my skin look smoother brighter and replensihed.

MSM has super powers and can help to treat a range of conditions from arthritis to acne, constipation and irritable bowel to psoriasis and allergies. Mismo’s MSM powder can be bought online and added to a cup of water and consumed daily to help treat a variety of ailments.

I loved using Mismo’s Magnesium Gel to help release tight muscles and inflammation. Because it is absorbed through the skin rather than the digestive system, the maximum amount of magnesium is absorbed which is often compromised when digested orally. Mismo is also Australian made and ethically tested making sure no animals are used in the testing process.  The products contain NO sodium lauryl sulphate, propylene glycol, Alcohol, artificial colours or mineral oils and are paraben free which is a bonus.

More information about Mismo and how to get your hands on their MSM products can be found here.

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  1. Deanne Black says:

    Thanks for the review Lee,
    Glad you enjoyed the products

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