Meal kits – are they as good as they seem?

In 2019, the vast majority of people globally understand the importance of eating healthy and staying in shape. However in other parts of the world some people especially if they find themselves sociodemographically behind the curve, find it harder and studies show that this is due to having more pressing issues to deal with. Because healthy/fresh food can be more expensive than the alternatives, sadly they simply lack the opportunities and resources to tap into popularised healthy eating.

On the flipside, the same can also be said about very busy working individuals, in spite of many having the means to buy high quality food- they find it difficult to have the time to think about what they’re consuming, follow an organized dietary plan, do the grocery shopping, cook their own food, and this often results in unbalanced nutrition.

Interestingly whatever side of the fence you are on both areas can result in inadequate nutrition and nutritional deficiencies which in turn can affect individual health outcomes.

Meal kits have become very popular in that last couple of years as many people are buiser than ever in their lives and havent always got the time to devote to meal preparation and cooking. Meal kits can make it easier for people as the pre-portioned and usually partially-prepared ingredients and recipes make it easy for people to have a quick step system towards creating a “home cooked” meal.

Usually costing between $10-20 per meal portion the average amount of preparation and cooking time is generally around ten to twenty minutes and this gives customers the opportunity to skip the grocery store aisle and make it easier for them to enjoy healthy, enjoyable, and fresh foods.

Are meal kits in fact what they claim to be?

If you search across the web you’ll find some real life find meal kit resources and reviews which show real time photographs of the process and experience.

Riley and John, a father/daughter team created a series of cute photographs showing their meal kit experience. They recounted that the meal took less than 30 minutes to make, and delegation was the key. When the meal was ready they also enjoyed it at the kitchen table which is a great way and place for families to connect. One part of our busy lifestyles is that eating together has become a thing of the past for many families and they tend to eat at different times in different rooms, in front of the TV or on the couch. They also noted how healthy and fresh (locally sourced) the meal was.

Leah Ingram, a money saving expert agreed that meal kits were a positive experience for her. One of her tips inluded noting her favourite recipes, which she has made again, holding onto the recipe cards and making a note of the ingredients to use on her future shoppng trips.

Meal Kits Canada offers some lovely meal kits prep pics and recipes of meal kits in Canada. Kyle Prevost, is a well-known blogger and entrepreneur in the person finance space, as well as a full time highschool teacher. He’s busy and time poor and says that “while meal kits haven’t made me into a 5-star chef, they have allowed me (a rookie’s rookie in the kitchen) to make a wide variety of fresh, delicious, nutritious meals in only 30 minutes.”

SweetPhi, a food blogger from Wisconsin, agrees “For healthy, organic and ‘special dietary accommodating’ meals food kits work well. One of her personal favourites includes Sun Basket, a service she tried and now enjoys them on the reg to keep her healthy and satiated.

So if you’re too busy to cook and work long hours and have no time for food prep, then meal kits are a tasty, healthy and fresh way to eat. The only other fact is that perhaps the biggest stumbling block to making the leap would be price as this way of eating can be more expensive than simply buying the ingredients. You could also gift a lovely hamper from Boyd Hampers.

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