Luk Beautifood Gorgeous Natural Make-Up Gifts for Christmas

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Orange and Juniper; Mandarin and Cinnamon; Tangerine and Vanilla…No I am not describing the latest gourmet mocktails…I 'm listing the new 100% natural lip balms from Luk Beautifood.

This Australian boutique beauty brand is based on the premise that beauty is created from the inside with fresh, healthy food providing the essence of a beautiful woman. Brimming with delicious, fresh ingredients we should be eating, the Lip Nourish range supports your body’s natural processes to deliver stunning results. It's geared towards the modern woman who looks after herself nutritionally, who lives a healthy lifestyle, but struggles to find a matching beauty product without nasty additives and without compromising style and sophistication.

Enter the all-natural, edible Lip Nourish range, rich in antioxidants, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. The range comes in 7 delicious sounding and tasting flavours incorporating citrus and spice pure plant oils. They are super sheer shades, which add a luscious lustre for that healthy, natural glow!

Cindy from luk beautifood has created a sheer natural lipstick collection made from superfoods and has them wrapped and gift tagged ready for Christmas gift-giving. There’s also a Go & Glow Natural Beauty Kit in the range too so you can truly go naked this silly season!

For more information about the range and for your Christmas shopping needs visit the store here


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