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I love it when a yummy breakfast cereal hits my desk and it’s rare that one does that’s healthy and still tastes good.

For all those with a penchant for paleo, Forage Paleo cereal will fit right into your caveman or woman pantry and being grain free, having no added sugar and packed with good fats of almonds and macadamia nuts you’ll be getting benefits of prehistoric proportions.

for·age- (noun)- The act of look or searching for food or provisions…

… and that is exactly what the team at Forage Cereal have done- searched high and low for great quality ingredients that compliment each other to make a range of delicious breakfast cereals that are sure to provide you with enough energy to get you through your day.

Forage has four different cereals available. Often after eating a bowl of cereal you can feel heavy and bloated, but after my bowl of Forage Cereal served with my homemade nut milk I felt energized, satisfied and ready for the day ahead.

Forage Bircher and Porridge are the other two cereals in the range.  Often with Bircher muesli you can end up with an indistinguishable bowl of mush that works well as a poly-filler but on your gut, not so much! Forage Bircher features macadamia nuts, almonds and cranberries to ensure that you can gather morsels of flavor and texture with every scoop.

Check out the Forage website where you can find out the nutritional benefits of the range and also buy online.

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