Urban Cleanse

I loved the 3 day cleanse. The fresh juices were highly nutritious and delicious. A great way to give the digestive system a break. Simply divine and totally healthy I want to do it again!

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  1. Kassi says:

    Hi Lee,
    What are your thoughts on the sugar content of this cleanse?
    I personally quit all sugars in my diet, at at the moment this includes fruit. I am concerned about going on a cleanse that has fruit with natural sugars. The website says that Level 3 has the lowest sugar content. I would really appreciate your thoughts.

    • lee says:

      Hi Kassi,

      If you are cutting out all sugar then the best thing to do is the green-only pack which is coming out for the month of August. I have collaborated with Urban Remedy Cleanse on this one and its veggie based with lemon- so not high in sugar at all. If you are looking to do a cleanse now then the lowest carb level is (level 3).

  2. Kellie says:

    Hi Lee,
    Unfortunately, due to where I am located this cleanse is unavailable to me 🙁 Is there something else you recommend that I could get access to in Far North Queensland. I am desperate and I need something like this to kickstart things for me!
    Thank you!

    • lee says:

      I am not sure about where in that area, but you could start the day by drinking a warm water with lemon that is a good way to cleanse in the morning

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