Balance Water

Balance water is delicious. It is non-flavoured, non-allergenic with no calories, no preservatives and no artificial additives.   All flowers are hand picked and organic. I love Balance Relax and drink it daily.

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  1. Debbie Boyd says:

    Hi Lee, I read your review on Balance water and would love to try it. Just wondering if it is still available as I have searched on line and cannot find any suppliers. I am in Newcastle, NSW.

    • lee says:

      Hi Debra, I will find out for you and send you an email 🙂 Lee

      • lee says:

        Hi Debra,

        I have spoken to Balance and the range is available in selected Woolworths stores in your area. There are 9 WW stores in the Newcastle area.

        • Belmont, 2280
        • Cardiff, 2285
        • Charlestown Square, 2290
        • Glendale, 2285
        • Jesmond, 2229
        • Kotara, 2289
        • Morisset, 2264
        • Mt Hutton, 2290
        • Swansea, 2281

        You can also follow this link to the Where to Buy AU page; http://drinkbalance.com/au/where_to_buy.html
        You just type in your postcode and it will show your nearest Woolworths Store. You can also check out the home and office delivery service via Kemenys. The delivery charges to Newcastle are a flat $10.00 for 1 or more cases.
        Just scroll further down the Where to buy page to see the details. http://drinkbalance.com/au/where_to_buy.html and click on the Kemenys logo and it will take you through to Kemenys’ page and then type in Balance Water in the search bar and it will come up with the 3 varieties that you can currently order through Kemenys. You can also call Kemenys on 13 8881. I hope this helps!


  2. Debbie Boyd says:

    Thank you Lee. I’m heading to the shops tomorrow so will check out Woolworths. You were most helpful.

  3. Debbie Boyd says:

    Thanks Lee, you were most helpfull. Will check out Woolworths tomorrow.

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