The Greengrocer’s Diet

the green grocers diet

Visiting your local green grocer or farmer’s market is a wonderful way to discover new vegetables such as daikon and celeriac and rediscover old favourites like cauliflower and green beans. 

Now a book has come along that focusses on the virtues and deliciousness of vegetables through simply brilliant recipes. 

Judy Davie’s recently released book The Greengrocer's Diet has over two hundred and twenty recipes that focus on eating with the seasons for optimal weight loss.

The book includes testimonies from participants of Davie’s program that has seen some lose up to thirty two kilograms, decreased blood pressure, improved digestion, better sleep, improved skin and hair quality and outstanding increases in energy levels.

The diet primarily consists of portion control and focuses heavily on consuming large portions of vegetables, as they are a great source of nutrients and low in calories.

The Greengrocer's Diet focuses on eating seasonally, something I am very passionate about, so it’s a great book to look over before heading to your local farmers market or produce store for some inspiration.

The diet focuses on long-term, sustainable weight loss rather than a fad temporary body transformation that has both an expiry date and high level of unsustainability.

The Greengrocer's Diet is the most recent book for Judy Davie, following on from other best selling titles including Star Foods and The Food Coach.

You can order your copy online here.

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