Happy New Year and FREE Gut Love ’24 eBOOK

Hellooo moonbeams!

Welcome to Gut Love '24 - a month-long celebration of your gorgeous gut!

In the Gut Love '24 commune, oops I mean, community, we have many gifts to share with you and we appreciate your support so much :)✌🏼 ☮️

Firstly I’d love to share with you a free-as-a-bird recipe eBook.

It's packed full of gut health information, tips and 7 mouth-watering and gut-loving recipes you will looovveeee.

You can download it here and enjoy the read and recipes.

We also have 15% off all of our gut health products in the supercharge your gut store here. It's automatically applied so no pesky codes to add.

Ps: keep your eyes peeled for a wonderful competition will launch mid-January. Hint: winners get a free nutrition consult with me (Lee!)

Also don’t forget to check out our social media for loads of fun-loving and factual facts on your gut and how a loved gut helps all your health @superchargeyourgut @leesupercharged

Happy New Year and peace out peaceniks!  ✌🏼

Lee xo

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