Billabong Retreat Sydney


Ever feel the need to have a break from your crazy schedule, sit back, enjoy blissful early morning restorative yoga and indulge in organic meals prepared especially for you?  Beautiful Billabong Retreat will do just that.

Billabong is located only a smooth forty-five minute drive away from Sydney in a rural location called Maraylya.  The stunning wellness retreat offers amazing cuisine in a natural setting surrounded by scribbly gums, gulping frogs and chirpy birds; who needs an alarm clock anyway?

I was fortunate enough to spend a few days at the retreat in a homely lodge, overhearing the calming chorus of kookaburras nestled in the treetops by the lily-covered waterhole.

Set amongst the natural surroundings of the native Australian bush, the central point of the retreat is a beautiful billabong which is not only breathtaking but also brings wildlife straight to your door.  I guarantee after just a few hours of arriving, you’ll feel completely at home in the natural surroundings. Imagine a whole new world with no e-mails, no meetings, no distractions. Just you, a hug from mother-nature and a comforting cup of Chamomile.

During my stay I attended a three-day mindfulness retreat designed to take you out of your internal dialogue and chatter, bringing you back into the moment with practical tools to be at one with your thoughts. It’s the kind of retreat, run by Billabong’s founder Paul von Bergen that helps you to replace your “ugh’s” with “oms”  and understand that mindfulness is a practise which can be really beneficial when implemented into your daily life.  It’s a great retreat if you’re looking to improve your relationships, not only with yourself but with the people around you.

Billabong is a breath of fresh air, but just be warned, you’ll want to NamaSTAY there all year long.


Morning meditations with this guy and the best view – is there a nicer way to start the day?


Poolside.  Once you go magnesium, you can never go back. With every stroke you take, you can feel the difference as the magnesium pool helps you get rid of impurities and brings you back to your organic core.


This super clean, super green and super tasty plate of goodness. Picking up those little squares of lemon rind in olive oil with each delicious mouthful. YUM!


Breakfast in the Aussie bush. Chocolate chia pudding, cinnamon yoghurt and poached  pears sprinkled with coconut, walnuts and seeds. Delicious.


Scribbly gums and a chorus of kookaburras by the waterhole.

To learn more about Billabong Retreat visit: www.billabongretreat.com.au

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