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AyurdaI was recently given the opportunity to delve into the finer side of Ayurvedic beauty.

Ayurda delivers more than a few beautiful beauty products.  Rather it provides a personalised service to ensure your body and soul are treated with the correct nutrients, relevant to your skin.

Combining the wisdom of Indian Ayurvedic philosophy, Ayurda identifies that every woman is unique – and what may work perfectly on one skin may be to the detriment of another.

I love their customised approach – before purchasing, you complete an online quiz that delves not only into skin traits that you hold but also vital personal characteristics that define you. The result is a regime that is completely reflective of your specific needs.

Interestingly, before I even completed my online quiz, the consultant predicted what products would best suit me, having seen a long distance photo of me as well as chatted to me at length on the phone. The quiz merely confirmed what she already saw of me.

My approach to my skin is now much more refined and simple – knowing that I only need a few essential products, rather than a plethora of unessential shelve wasters has left me with an easy routine that has left my skin glowing.

For those of you who have read my blog for a while, you are also probably aware of my love for simple ingredients – with a moisturiser containing eight ingredients, including sesame oil, saffron, rose petals, turmeric and licorice root (many of which I use in my recipes!). Add to that a toner of rose and basil and a cleanser whose main ingredient was coconut oil and you have a very beautiful and toxic free product.  The total range of Ayurda skincare is 100% natural, free from synthetic chemicals, SLS, artificial preservatives and Parabens. Ayurda does not test on animals.

 For more information about their skincare products visit the website.

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