Avaline – Top Organic Wine Brand For 2021

Avaline is the name of a new brand of organic wine released by Hollywood actor Cameron Diaz and her entrepreneur friend Katherine Power.

Even though Avaline has only been around for a few months, it’s already being touted as the “top organic wine brand for 2021.” Some wine connoisseurs have even called Avaline the most authentic organic wine in the world. The amount of buzz Avaline has been generating is exciting.

So what makes Avaline the top organic wine brand for 2021 and so special?

To understand Avaline’s strengths, it's good to go back to the beginning and explore its origins, manufacturing ethos, and characteristics.

Avaline: History & Background

Avaline has entered into the crowded wine market as a passion project and the ethos, characteristics, and history have been a long standing project for Cameron Diaz, the woman behind the beverage.

Cameron Diaz is widely known for her dedication to healthy and organic living. She’s incredibly cautious about what she puts into her body, only consuming drinks and foods that are organic and vegan. Imagine her surprise when she realised that most wines aren’t actually organic OR vegan and that most of them contain over 95 additives!

What alot of people are unaware of is that most wines contain dozens of chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, artificial flavours, sulphites, and other components. And what is even more disturbing is that wines branded as “organic” and “natural” may not be all they claim to be — because the wine industry is so unregulated, it's very easy for manufacturers to slap an “organic” label on any old bottle of wine regardless of it's contents.

When Cameron Diaz discovered the wine industry’s not so healthy practices, she dedicated herself to producing a truly organic wine that everyone could enjoy. She zig zagged across some of Europe’s best organic vineyards to learn and understand more about the manufacturing processes. Avaline came into being as a product of Cameron Diaz’s passion for organic beverages and uncompromising spirit and her friend Katherine Power’s business savvy.

The name “Avaline” was chosen from an online resource for female baby names because Diaz and Power wanted a name that embodies feminine energy.

Avaline: Organic & Vegan

Most wine brands, even those marketed as “organic,” contain over 95 additives and these are added for various reasons. Some of them are functional — increasing shelf life, killing bacteria, preventing insect infestations, etc. Some of them are taste-related — artificial flavours that enhance the wine’s strength and taste. And some of them are purely cosmetic — Mega Purple is only used to make the wine look stronger.

Avaline doesn’t use chemicals or unnecessary pesticides in the production and manufacturing process so it's truly organic and they use biological methods to kill bacteria and prevent infestations. For example, certain animals or insects are introduced into the vineyard to naturally kill the dangerous insects and bacteria. Avaline isn’t filtered through animal by-products, like egg whites and fish bladder, either. That makes Avaline truly organic and vegan.

Avaline: Transparency

Considering the lack of regulation in the wine industry, one would be right to ask, “how can we trust Cameron Diaz’s wine?”

Well, Cameron stands by her wine. Avaline Wine bottles feature a large label listing all the ingredients used throughout the manufacturing process in bold and legible letters.  The good news is that you can scour the ingredients and research them for yourself. Avaline is completely transparent and authentic. And that’s why it’s the top organic wine brand for 2021!

Cheers to that!

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