Australian Digestive Excellence

If you’re looking for a product that’ll provide instant relief for your gut issues, you’ve come to the right place! The Australian Digestive Excellence is a product that is well… excellent.
It contains everything you need to strengthen and develop a healthy digestive system, including a unique blend of some of my favourite high-quality special herbs like aloe vera, liquorice root extract, marshmallow root extract and more. The formula was developed, researched and perfected for over 17 years in Australia and is now available in the USA! 
The Australian Digestive Excellence has proven to promote immune and digestive health and defend against the common culprits of constipation, gas, diarrhoea and bloating. For all my vegetarian, gluten-free,alcohol-free and GMO-free friends, this product is perfect for you guys too! It's an extremely natural product dedicated to anyone who's interested in living a healthier, happier and more vibrant life. 
Once you’ve cleaned your gut with our lovely Love Your Gut powder, The Australian Digestive Excellence can enable you to help alleviate your symptoms. It’s based on both Ancient healing methods and modern-day research. Trust me, it makes an impact. Anyone who’s ever experienced diarrhoea, bloating, gas, constipation, indigestion and more, will agree with me when I say one of the worst parts of these issues is not knowing when they'll end. This is where the Australian Digestive Excellence thrives as a product. It provides instant relief. So, if you’ve ever had that post-plane stomach feeling (you know exactly what I’m talking about!), this is your new favourite travel companion.
If you want to take control of your life and your gut health, you’re going to need to try the Australian Digestive Excellence out for yourself.
In fact, Dana said: “For the past 25 years I have been bound to my house and my bathroom. I have suffered with chronic Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis. My life has been a series of health obstacles that could only be treated by using immunosuppressive drugs. Most of that time I have relied on steroids to live. Thanks to high doses of those drugs I developed  stage II breast cancer at the age of 32. I have survived! My magic bullet has arrived. It's all natural! I drank! Within five minutes I started to noticed signs of improvement. I am not kidding!  The Juice had an instant effect on my gut. All I could think was that's it's too good to be true.”
This amazing product is only available in USA for the time being, but If you are in Australia there is limited stock to one per individual in Australia right now and this can be arranged via emailing summit@healthygutexperts.com
For future orders you can contact Australian Excellence directly at australianexcellence.com to get on the growing waiting list for orders outside the USA.  Use our code SUPERGUT to let them know you found their beautiful product through me.
If you’re ready to take charge of your gut health today, be sure to check out The Australian Digestive Excellence today! 

16 Responses to “Australian Digestive Excellence”

  1. Julian says:

    I’ve had an extremely sensitive stomach my entire life. To the point I had to stop eating at restaurants as they always made me feel ill. Whether it was poor produce or gluten or unhygienic kitchens, every doc I went to had a different story for why I had digestion issues. They tried antibiotics, steroids, the whole lot. Some things made me feel better, but I never turned the corner to actually being well again. I could only have a strict diet of food that I would prepare for myself and even then my stomach and guts never felt right. Then I found this product and it’s given me freedom with food I never thought I would have. I can eat at restaurants with friends and not have to leave early because I felt sick. I feel better in my clothes because I’m not bloated all the time. It really has been a miracle for me and I feel safe again with food knowing that I can always have a few sips of the juice to make me feel better. You never know where the answers will come from, but when something works it just works. And this product just plain and simple works!

    • Lee says:

      Hi Julian, what a wonderful comment! I’m so happy you love the product and that it’s worked for you 🙂 I’ll be sure to pass the message on. Lee x

  2. Mrl says:

    I live in New Zealand and it’s annoying that I can’t get access to this product

  3. Yassin says:

    I also think that it is annoying. I have listened to the healthy gut Summit and now i can’ t get it because i stay in Europe

  4. Kim says:

    Hi Lee
    I’m also annoyed, I’m living in Sydney and really want to try this product ASAP. It has ‘Australian’ on the label! I emailed the above address so fingers crossed… for now I’ll keep using your powder 😘

  5. Hazel says:

    Really good product!! thank you for sharing

  6. Aliza says:

    Here is my biggest issue. I want to try this, but I was concerned about how a product can work for both constipation and diarrhea. It has two products that stimulate the colon — Black Walnut and Aloe Vera — and yet it claims that it also helps with diarrhea. Won’t these two ingredients make that problem worse? I emailed the company to ask about this, and they basically told me they couldn’t tell me how it works but that it just does and with the money back guarantee, I should take a chance on it. That’s not really an answer, so I wrote back asking if there was someone else I could speak to who could answer my question. They said that the FDA has very strict rules on what claims they could make, so they couldn’t really tell me. Well, if you look at their page, all it does is make claims about what the product can do for people. I’m not asking for claims; I’m asking about how the product works. As someone who suffers from digestive issues, I really feel it’s a basic question to ask how a product will alleviate it when it has two ingredients that can potentially make that problem worse.
    Perhaps you have an answer to this. I would LOVE to try it, but I’m not going to spend money on something that could potentially exacerbate my symptoms even if I did get my money back.

    • Lee says:

      Hello Alina I have forwarded your question on to the producers and will let you know as soon as they get back to me. Lee 🙂

  7. LARRY says:


  8. Martina says:

    Please make this product available for Europe!

  9. laura says:

    Contains milk? Why?

  10. Marilyn says:

    Seems I can’t buy this product and I live in Australia ?

  11. Joanna says:

    Lee dos the Australian digestive excellence help with candida?

  12. Nancy Weintraub says:

    I have been suffering from acid reflux. I have not found a natural product that helps. Restricting my diet has only helped minimally. My sister recommended your product. Does it work for GERD? When will it be available in the US? I live in Los Angeles.
    Thank you.

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