9 of the Best Moscow Mules in a Can for 2021

Have you ever tried a mule? Made with natural ginger, natural lime juice, unadulterated sweetener, and then some, the Mule, is a thick and sweet ginger lager and the ideal blended beverage for a warm day. It's an incredible simple drink, and is quickly turning into the most mainstream of all ready to drink, mixed drinks that are growing in popularity by the day. 

There are many different styles of mules and if you like a tipple, here are some favourites for you to get to know...

1- Merican Mule Moscow Style

The 'Merican Mule organization in Norwalk, CT, presents a setup of expertly made mules, including the Moscow Style. With a portion of inventiveness on the exemplary definition, Tropical, Mexican, Southern, and the occasional Pumpkin styles. The Moscow Style is made with vodka, Tropical with rum, Mexican with tequila, and Southern with whiskey alcohol.

2- Craft Cocktails by Bold Rock

Strong Rock Hard Cider creates an assortment of canned mixed drinks made with genuine spirits. The Copper Mug Mule is flavorfully made with American vodka and regular squeeze and flavours, including many gingers and a hint of pleasantness from the freshly squeezed apple.

3- Pickers Music City Mule

Pickers Canned Craft Cocktails is 6% ABV (12 proof) and is made with spirits instead of a matured malt base. The Music City Mule combines ginger and vodka in a tall call that features a cool guitar, fine art, and nod to the famous Music City, Nashville, in Tennessee. It is one of The best canned moscow mules.

4- Moscow Mule by Blue Marble

Blue Marble makes a wide assortment of hard seltzers and RTD mixed drinks, including this delightful Moscow Mule, coming in at 15% ABV. The taste is so even that it is simple savoring a high ball glass (or copper mug, if you demand) over ice.

5-Rogue Spirits Sparkling Craft Cocktails

Rebel Ales and Spirits makes a heavenly ginger-lime vodka mule; and a new ginger lemon bourbon mule. It's 7.5% ABV and made with genuine spirits in a knockout bundle plan.

6-Cutwater Vodka Mule

Since 2017, San Diego-based Cutwater Spirits has been delivering a wide assortment of prepared to-drink mixed drinks, including the tasty Vodka Mule, which has made it to the rundown of the best mules of 2020. It sneaks in all of the sudden carbonation, and ginger, with its 7% ABV, and pours clear.

7-Chicago Mule

The Chicago Mule from Chicago Distilling Company is in, uh, Chicago. It's 10% ABV (20 proof) and made with the Ceres vodka from Chicago Distilling.

8- Fling Rye Whiskey Mule

Hurl from Boulevard Brewing in Kansas City won't ever confuse you and the Whiskey Mule is no exception. Presented only a year back, it's a flavourful blend of bourbon, ginger, and lime in a specialty mixed drink with 9% ABV.

9- Vitani Mule

The Vitani Mule is delectable, light, and reviving, even though it packs 12% ABV. Vitani Mule was the champ of Double Gold decoration at the 2019 SIP grants, an International Spirits Competition.

If you like mules, why not try one on for size!


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