How To Heal Leaky Gut In 2-Weeks Naturally

In this blog post, I am going to share some tips that helped heal my leaky gut in 2-weeks. They are easy to follow and you can use any store-bought foods to follow along with my guide. I will also be sharing some details on what causes leaky gut and why many Doctors do not recognize Leaky Gut as a medical condition in 2022.

What Is Leaky Gut?

Leaky gut is a phrase that according to Google trends first gained popularity not long ago in January 2013. Today you often hear health bloggers talk about the dangers of Leaky Gut and many supplement manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon creating supplements that claim to assist in healing leaky gut. Despite all of this, many people still refuse to accept that Leaky Gut is even a real thing and it is not yet an accepted medical condition.

According to reputable sources like Harvard, a Leaky Gut is quite literally a result of your gut leaking. This may happen through cracks & holes in your small intestine that widen to allow toxins to leak through into your blood stream. A more technical description of Leaky Gut condition can be explained through the term intestinal permeability which is when Tight Junctions in the intestinal wall begin to weaken allowing toxins to pass through the weakened cell walls. When healthy, these tight gaps should only allow essential nutrients & water to pass through.

What Causes Leaky Gut?

Studies into what causes Leaky Gut are still somewhat limited but one review from the BMC Gastroenterology journal in 2014 claimed that it could be down to viruses, damage to the intestinal mucosa, or alterations to bacteria in the microbiome.

Other popular online personalities like Dr. Steven Gundry who created Total Restore claim that lectin foods can be a cause of leaky gut by physically damaging the intestines. It's also thought that Butyrate is important to protecting the integrity of the intestinal wall and without enough of it, people could become more prone to leaky gut occurring.

A processed western diet high in carbs & fat may be the cause and studies have shown that at least in animals this type of diet can lead to metabolic endotoxinemia which leads to inflammation. It is however clear that the exact cause of Leaky Gut is not 100% known and more peer-reviewed human studies are needed to be sure.

Symptoms Of Leaky Gut

The symptoms of leaky gut vary from person to person but some of the most common symptoms have been reported in the Leaky Gut Syndrome Subreddit by a user called house829. They started a thread called "I Think I Have Leaky Gut" And mentioned the following symptoms;


Bloating After Meals

Brain Fog

Skin Rashes

Joint Pain

Some of the Redditors that replied said that those did sound like symptoms of Leaky Gut but that they could also be symptoms of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.

Other conditions like IBS, IBD, Psoriasis, and more also share similar symptoms to leaky gut so it's important to consult with a Doctor first.

Some more symptoms of Leaky Gut may include headaches, Diarrhea, UTI's and more. The digestive tract is the largest organ in the body so it when something is not working as it should in the microbiome you often see symptoms show up elsewhere like on the skin.

Studies have confirmed that people with Psoriasis a skin issue largely have imbalances in gut bacteria and mental health issues have also been linked to the health of the gut because of the gut and brain connection. A large portion of the immune system is housed in the gut so to heal a leaky gut it's important to first focus on diet and what you put into your body.

4 Steps to Heal Leaky Gut In 2 Weeks

Since diet seems to play such a major role in the cause of Leaky Gut it is also the best way to heal any damage. It's not possible to heal leaky gut overnight but many people have reported their leaky gut symptoms improving after around 14-days by adding these 5 things into your daily diet. Just remember to contact your doctor first to rule out any other digestive conditions through tests only they can offer. They will also be able to check your full medical history.

1) Probiotic's & Prebiotic's

Probiotics are a type of good bacteria that are essential for the human microbiome and prebiotic fibers are a great source of food for that friendly bacteria. Probiotics can help with Leaky Gut by potentially crowding out bad bacteria, boosting butyrate, supporting T-Junctions, and strengthening the mucosal barrier according to this probiotic leaky gut guide.

You can get probiotic bacteria from a high-quality supplement like FlowFlora for example or through naturally fermented foods like Kimchi, Kefir, and some yogurts. Add more vegetables like Artichokes, Asparagus, and Dandelion Greens for prebiotic fiber, or take a supplement that has both probiotics and prebiotics. Try our Love Your Gut Synbiotic which has probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes and dietary fibre.

2) Bone Broth & Collagen

Collagen is important because it may be able to enhance intestinal epithelial barrier dysfunction (Leaky Gut) by strengthening the Tight Junctions according to at least one study. This means that collagen may be able to close those gaps in the intestinal lining that allows toxins to leak through into your bloodstream. Bone broth is an excellent source of Collagen and other Collagen sources include marine collagen, bovine powders, and collagen peptides.

3) Detoxing

If you consume a lot of processed sugar, gluten grains, refined oils, dairy, alcohol & processed meats in your daily diet then detoxing for at least a minimum of 2-weeks may help on your journey to healing leaky gut. This detoxification process can also be beneficial for those suffering from acid reflux or LPR symptoms, as these dietary elements can trigger symptoms. In some cases, leaky gut may appear as a lesser-known consequence of celiac disease, by replacing foods containing gluten with chemical and allergen-free alternatives leaky gut symptoms could be noticeably reduced. Studies I shared earlier at Supercharged Food showed that a western low-fibre diet high in saturated fats & sugars could lead to a Leaky Gut. If you are craving ice cream opt for low sugar fruits. Whilst fruits are high in fructose sugar you don't need to cut them out completely. Some fruits like Berries are quite low in sugar, and carbs and are a good food to eat on a keto diet. Try our Love Your Gut powder to gently clean the gut. 

In some cases, leaky gut may appear as a lesser-known consequence of celiac disease, by replacing foods containing gluten with chemical and allergen-free alternatives leaky gut symptoms could be noticeably reduced. This doesn’t have to impact your social life either; more and more restaurants are getting serious about catering to dietary choices – with a reported 17% of Australians avoiding particular foods. 

4) Digestive Enzymes

It's thought that Lectins a protein found in foods like peanuts, raw kidney beans, whole grains, and other raw foods can lead directly to intestinal permeability but more studies on this are needed plus for most people, consuming these foods in moderation and fully cooked won't cause problems. For others though, Lectins may lead to a leaky gut because they may not be producing enough digestive enzymes naturally.

By taking digestive enzymes like protease, you may be able to assist your digestive system in breaking down these large lectin proteins and thus allowing your leaky gut to heal. The good news is that many low lectin foods like pineapple, miso, honey, avocado, and kimchi sauerkraut naturally contain protease digestive enzymes as well as Love Your Gut Synbiotic.

Final Thoughts

Leaky gut symptoms are similar to those of other digestive conditions so it's vital that you always first consult with your doctor to rule out anything else more sinister. This blog post is not medical advice.

Other similar conditions include celiac, Crohn's disease, diabetes, IBS, IBD, PCOS, allergies, yeast overgrowth plus more.

To fix a leaky gut you should throw the kitchen sink at it and do everything you can to allow your intestinal wall to heal and stop leaking.

Not everyone can heal their leaky gut in 2-weeks because it depends on the amount of damage that has already been done. It takes time and for some may take longer.

If you stick with this plan for the full 2-weeks most people will start to notice a difference in their gut health. Diet is the key to healing your leaky gut.

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  1. Dr.’s dont acknowledge leaky gut because if u dont have leaky gut your more healthy & that would eleviate the need for these over paid healthcare providers which causes them to lose yep u guessed “MONEY” its the root of all evil …but somehow i think u already knew this Thank you for your information the world needs more souls like you in it!!… Stay beautiful, inside & out!..♡♡♡♡♡

  2. Molly says:

    Really need help

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    Thanks for this leaky gut wot to eat
    It’s so difficult..I have psoriasis tried everything but now started leaky gut
    Can you have eggs?
    Are you allowed any sort of cheese ?

    • Lee says:

      Hello 🙂 some peole are ok on eggs and dairy but it depends on the person. I recommend trying a small amount and see how you feel.

  4. Dawn Hector says:

    I was diagnosed with cancer colon and now I have inflammation of the lower colon and I’m having bad cramps and diarrhea and vomiting, what can I do to help the cramps .

    • Lee says:

      Hello 🙂 I can’t give you nutritional advice without a consultation, however I would speak with your health care advisor and see what they suggest 🙂 Some foods can cause cramps and other issues, I recommend a very gentle diet and make sure you are hydrated. Lee

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    Is frozen fruit okay for leaky gut? Thank you so much!:)

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