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So excited to let you know that I’ll be hitting the road with the founders of Food Matters James and Laurentine and Jon Gabriel for Food Matters Live!

The Food Matters film was the catalyst for a health revolution in my own life, I wrote about it in a previous blog post and now I'm fortunate enough to be joining the team for this healthy and transformative roadshow.

We'll be stopping by in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth to share stories, some home-cooked wisdom, Supercharged recipes and tips on how you can live a healthy and happy life.

I’ll be doing some cooking with James and I'm going to pull it all back to simple and Supercharged Foods for the whole family to enjoy. We'll be demonstrating easy kitchen tricks and foods that taste great. We all believe that food really does matter and solutions to health problems don't involve fad diets, medication and strict exercise regimes.

It's a full day program and you'll discover;

  • How to take control and live your healthiest life yet.
  • Quick and easy nutrition and superfood cooking demonstrations.
  • Modern day stress reduction for busy people.
  • How the power of our mind and thoughts effect our health.
  • How to boost energy and break free from the diet trap and processed food addictions and cravings forever.
  • The latest up-to-the-minute tips for detoxing and natural weight loss.
  • Myth debunking: That eating healthy is expensive. Practical and affordable solutions.
  • The secrets and confusion of the multibillion dollar diet industry and uncover the truth behind “diet” “sugar-free” and “fat-free” products.

Come and watch us demonstrating kitchen tips, tricks and foods that taste great, and recipes which are simple and easy to bring to the table and made with everyday ingredients.

If you’d like more information and want to join in on an action-packed and inspirational day visit here

4 Responses to “Food Matters Live”

  1. sharon says:

    why not coming to Adelaide?

    • lee says:

      Let me speak to the organisers and find out for you. It would be great to come back to Adelaide again, I was there last month. x

  2. Debra madden says:

    I tried on my mobile to find out info for Melbourne but nothing came up.. How much to get in where will you be in Melbourne please. Can you put me on your email list to let me know in advance when this will be happening thanks.

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