Do you want to feel less reactive and more at ease? My daily Vedic meditation practice can help! 

As many of you know I’ve been practicing Vedic meditation for almost two years now. You can read about the technique here where I share my experience of learning with my teacher, Anna Young-Ferris

Now fast forward almost two years and I’ve been experiencing some deep and profound shifts. I’d love to share with you and encourage/inspire you to prioritise your mental health and well-being too, so if that sounds like something you are keen to do, let’s make a plan! 

Recently I sat down with my teacher, Anna, to get the lowdown on what I’ve been experiencing and if it is ‘normal’!! (to feel so calm and centred!). 

So I’ve been really committed to my twice daily Vedic meditation practice, especially during the last 6 months. It has taken me a little while to get into a rhythm but now I can’t live without it! One thing I have noticed is that I’m not as bothered by little things anymore. And it has been some of those closest to me that have observed this change in my behaviour. There is a sense of ease that I have not felt before. Is this an effect of the Vedic meditation practice? Is this normal?

Ah yes brilliant! This is perfect because the more we practice our Vedic meditation regularly - ideally 20 mins twice per day - the more we make a connection with our inner peace and stillness. We then bring this state of peace into our eyes open life and find things just don’t bother us as much. We start responding to situations rather than being on autopilot and reacting in predictable and less than elegant ways.

What other changes have you seen in your students over a sustained time? And will everyone benefit? 

Students have different experiences depending on how regular they are being with their practice but there are also common markers of progress. Being less reactive and less bothered like what you’ve been experiencing is huge and is normal! 

I teach lots of busy mums and they find themselves to be “less shouty” at their kids and more accepting, flexible and adaptable with unexpected situations that arise - which let’s face it is most days!

More mental space is being created because the gentle repetition of the mantra allows the awareness to dive beyond the busy thinking/doing mind and rest in a state of greater relaxation. With this relief from the monkey mind, with more space, comes greater clarity and the ability to solve problems in creative ways.

What can you tell people about why and how a regular Vedic meditation practice will help them?

Another benefit is developing the ability to pause and sense into your heart intuition. When faced with a pressing decision rather than trying to jump in and solve it and control the situation in haste, with this practice, we start to tune into and sense our finer level of feeling. We can leave our minds out of it.

Another huge benefit is the regulation of sleep, especially when we are diligent with our second meditation. We sleep for longer and can find we no longer wake up unstressing about work etc in the early hours.

What is the biggest challenge for your students?

The technique is natural, easy and relaxed but ‘fitting it in’ our busy schedules is definitely the biggest challenge, especially for new meditators. We are strange creatures as we somehow think there are more important things to attend to than reducing our stress and prioritising our selfcare. I teach students to develop a self-care ritual and a relationship with their meditation practice. With a little effort and dedication at the start you soon find you can’t leave the house without it. Just like brushing your teeth or showering!

What is one thing you can you share about your recent trip to India?

This trip was pure magic. It provided a context for all the Vedic practicing, training and teaching I have been doing over the years. Mostly, how incredibly important it is to connect on a daily basis with our higher Self, which is what we do with our Vedic meditation practice. All the answers, love and support is within us, we just need the right technique to connect.

Another thing (and there are so many!) is the culture of giving. In India on your birthday you do not receive gifts you give them and the birthday person is so happy doing this. In the West we seem more focused on taking and our culture praises the individual, rather than the collective. We can really learn so much.

Where can subscribers sign up to learn or find out more?

I teach small group courses from my studio in Newport, KAI Yoga, Mosman, and other locations. I host online and in-person group meditations, events and advanced trainings. I provide dedicated support to keep you meditating as part of a thriving community of like-hearted souls.

I’m currently taking bookings for my next Vedic meditation course on 16-19 September 2022. Happy to arrange a short discovery call anytime with interested subscribers. You can also connect with me on Instagram or via my website.

Thank you Anna and Blessings!

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