Choosing Storage for Interior Design Projects

Homes can have a lot of storage options, with some rooms offering even more potential than others for increasing your overall storage space. However, for a lot of people, there is a delicate balance between high storage capacity and keeping rooms looking clear and comfortable - so choosing the right kinds of storage furniture pieces can be important.

While many people will default to whatever option they associate with home storage first, it is important to consider all of your potential storage options. From simple shelving to hidden storage within other furniture pieces, having the right amount and kind of storage can be important for making your home look and feel clutter-free.


If you are planning a renovation or just building a new home, choosing a storage method that is easy to use and practical for your space is the first step in planning. By knowing the types of storage available, you can better understand what is ideal for your needs.

Storage can mean many things to many people – sometimes it is storage boxes, other times it is shelving or dresser units. The kind of storage that you choose will usually depend on two things: what you actually want to store, and how much space you are willing to give up for more storage.

For example, if you want to keep your clothes safe and stored properly, then a wardrobe or clothing rail is the obvious option. Dressers can work, but they require clothing to be folded in a more specific way, making them less practical if you have a lot of bulky items to store in there.

This also relates to the total size of the furniture itself. Some furniture pieces will be a lot larger than others, so you might have to spend some time measuring out each room and working out how much space you can afford to sacrifice.


Remember that storage does not always need to be at the highest capacity possible. For many people, too much storage can lead to a lot of things being forgotten about, or even incentivize hoarding tendencies by giving them more room to fill with things that they would otherwise get rid of. While this might sound strange, it can be a very real concern.

High capacities are also a very subjective thing that depends on how you store things. A shelf might be able to support a box of books that holds more than just stacking books individually, whereas a clothing rail could be placed over another storage option in the same closet.

It is important to remember that there is no perfect storage solution for every home, let alone every room. In fact, you might even find that some popular storage options are not even suitable for your particular needs – shelves might be too shallow, or drawers may not be divided in a way that helps you store smaller items properly.

Smaller Storage

Remember that you often have a lot of freedom with how you use storage spaces, and that can include using other methods to slowly divide it up. Boxes can split up different kinds of items on a shelf, drawer dividers can help you separate out larger drawers, and so on.

By doing this, you can make larger storage spaces into something smaller and more controlled. This kind of flexibility might matter a lot depending on the room in which you are trying to create more storage since there can be cases where you need a lot of storage for very small or niche items.

Of course, there are also times when you have to make snap decisions or can’t necessarily decide between a particular kind of storage. In general, it is best to get more storage than you need rather than less. That way, you can still divide up or split apart certain storage methods as needed rather than being stuck without enough room overall.

Hidden Storage

One of the most effective ways to add more storage into a room is to hide storage in other pieces of furniture. While using a dresser to store clothing is an easy option, some people might prefer having drawers at the bottom of their bed or even a flip-up bench that contains a lot of spare clothing.

While this might sound pointless to some people, the truth is that hidden storage can be very beneficial. It provides storage in a way that does not clutter up your room and can often help you hide things that you want to store without necessarily displaying them.

A good example of this might be exercise equipment. Having a dedicated under-bed storage space for weights and other workout gear means it is not cluttering the floor but also keeps it readily available, so you are not demotivated to exercise.

Remember that you can always incorporate this into a room by replacing an existing furniture piece, too. If you were going to get rid of a seat anyway, you could always look for one that provides more storage. The same goes for dressers, shelving units, and anything else you want to replace.


The visual style is important. From a plain white chest of drawers to a multi-colored shelving unit, it is important to have a storage system that reflects your personal style. You do not want it to stick out from the rest of your home, especially not if the storage is meant to be more subtle instead of being a display case.

Always think about the style that you actually want, as well as any relevant patterns or color schemes that might be important to consider. This can play a large part in which storage options you choose, especially if you are trying to redecorate your home’s interior design from the ground up.

Even in home improvement projects that are more focused on practical work than design, the right aesthetics can make all the difference. You always want to be choosing furniture that you like, and that fits in with the space you are trying to furnish. Storage is no exception to this rule.

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