All You Need To Know About Cast Iron Grill Pans

When it comes to cooking, grilling has always occupied a special place in most people’s hearts. Be it a simple sandwich or your favourite meat, everything tastes better when grilled perfectly. But this mode of cooking is also associated with heavy expenditure. Not anymore, though.

Generally considered an outdoor activity, grilling of food as a method of cooking has evolved to a large degree. Modern lifestyle has made living in urban localities a reality. Home chefs who prefer indoor cooking (either due to lack of outdoor space or budgetary constraints) have found the ideal replacement of outdoor grillers - cast iron grill pans. Also, it's always better to research and choose the best online seller. Dhgate-china wholesale website is a known dealer in these products and offers competitive prices.  

In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about cast iron grill pans. From what they are, their benefits to common issues with them, at the end of this post, you'll have all your questions answered!.

If you're interested in learning all you need to know about cast iron grill pans, this page has you covered. And if you're considering a new outdoor kitchen and want guidance on choosing a built-in grill, be sure to explore this link at RTA Outdoor Living.

So let’s get started. 

What are cast iron grill pans?

As is evident from the name, these grill pans are made from a material called cast iron. This material is best known for its sturdy nature and hence is most suitable for withstanding high temperatures without succumbing to the heat. The pan must be seasoned well though. In fact, one of the first things to learn is how to season a cast iron pan. 

Apart from logistical and financial issues, there is one more reason why people prefer cooking indoors. That reason is extreme weather conditions that are prevalent in many parts of the country at various times of the year. Uneven snowfall or windy weather might make outdoor grilling more of an adventure sport. 

What are the types of cast iron grill pans?

The market is flooded with hundreds of types and brands of cast iron grill pans. However, for the sake of information, it is relevant to note that there are broadly two types of cast iron grill pans - raw and enamelled. 

The raw cast iron grill pan has two main advantages - it is non-stick and also capable of handling a lot of heat. However, there are some common problems with cast iron pans which are also found in raw cast iron grill pans. The first and foremost is that they need to be seasoned (more on that later) regularly.

The enamelled cast iron grill pan, on the other hand, is low maintenance as it does not require constant seasoning (which is a major relief) as it does not rust very easily. If it is the convenience that you are looking for, then spending a few extra bucks for an enamelled cast iron grill pan makes sense. 

Are there any benefits of using cast iron grill pans?

Are you kidding? There are tons and tons of benefits of using cast iron grill pans.

I'm so excited to tell you, that I've curated a list for you. Take a look here...

  1. They're cheaper than other pans - The best part of these grill pans is that they're not just full of features that other pans do not have, they're also cheaper compared to other more expensive pans. In fact, if you go for wholesale cast iron grill pans, you'll save on a lot of money. 
  2. They can tolerate more heat - A lot of meat and other food items cook much better on very high heat. That perfect crisp coating is developed perfectly on a cast iron grill pan as it can withstand heat to very high temperatures without giving away. 
  3. They add iron to your food - In many cultures, it is considered a good way of life to use cast iron utensils. There is some science behind this too. Cooking in these grill pans ensures that you add natural iron to your food. Obviously, this also depends to a large extent on how you cook your food.
  4. They're durable - Most non-stick pans need to be thrown after a couple of years. However, if cast iron utensils are properly taken care of, then they can last for decades and can stay in the family over generations. 
  5. They're compatible with multiple sources of heat - Any material which is naturally equipped to handle considerable heat can be compatible with any mode of heat be it actual fire or gas or induction. This further adds to the benefits of cast iron grill pans.

What about the common problems with such pans?

There's always a catch in these situations. Sure, the advantages of cast iron grill pans clearly outnumber the disadvantages but it always helps to know some of the common problems with these pans too. 

  1. Difficulty finding genuine products - When a product is as popular as this, you can find unscrupulous websites that unfortunately offer fake products. That's why it's important to do some research before you buy anything.  
  2. Cleaning is an issue - The best way to clean your cast iron pan is with soap and water but you need to be careful that you do not tamper with the seasoning and the iron material. 
  3. Sticking of food - Another issue with some cast iron grill pans is that cheese or meat fat gets stuck on the pan’s surface sometimes. 

All said and done, is it crucial to note that none of these problems are unsolvable and just need you to improvise a bit in the kitchen.

Happy Grilling!

Lee xo

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