A Healthy home + How to Prepare Your Crawl Space Against Harmful Moisture and Odors

When it comes to a healthy home and keeping it dry and clean, it’s important to pay attention to all of the areas including storage areas and crawl spaces.

You may choose encapsulation to prevent moisture problems in your crawl space. Even in a new home, problems can occur in the crawl space. Humidity in some environments can contribute to moisture buildup, for example. When you choose encapsulation, you must have the space prepared properly, or moisture can become trapped inside, damaging your home. A professional may spend time pumping out water and dehumidifying a crawl space before applying the plastic sheeting. Electrical wires and pipes must also get checked before encapsulation. It's always a good idea to hire a reputable company to make sure your crawl space gets clean and dry before sealing it off with encapsulation. 


A dehumidifier can help remove moisture from the air in your main living area, basement, or crawl space. You may need to keep a dehumidifier in your crawl space even after you have it encapsulated. Humidity in your crawl space can also cause humidity in your home. This change can lead to an uncomfortable temperature and high electric bills. Since high humidity signifies moisture in the environment, have a thorough inspection to discover the source of high humidity in your crawl space. 

Drain Water Out

If you have standing water in your crawl space, you may have a foundation problem. Standing water can lead to mould, rot, and pests.  You may need crawl space repairs in Winston Salem before you can move forward with the encapsulation. You may also need a foundation repair to prevent water damage to your home and property. If water remains persistent in the crawl space, have a plumber check the pipes for leaks. The crawl space must remain dry to proceed with encapsulation. 

Electricity and Plumbing

You may have electrical wiring and pipes in your crawl space. Your crawl space must remain safe and dry for the encapsulation to happen. After the inspection you should get notified of any loose wiring or broken pipes. Get these repaired before moving forward with the encapsulation. If your crawl space has water in it, have a professional dry it out quickly. Electricity and water in the same area can become a dangerous situation. You may need extensive electrical repairs, as well. 

Clean It Up

Plenty of debris can settle in the crawl space. It can save a lot of time to encapsulate the crawl space when you first build the home. This way pests and debris do not have a chance to take hold of the area. 

You can enjoy a cleaner and safer crawl space by having an encapsulation. This upgrade can also raise the value of your home. Hire a reputable basement or crawl space expert to help you prepare the space. You may also need help with electrical, plumbing, or foundation repairs. If your crawl space has water damage, take the time to have it dried out and restored properly before encapsulation. With proper preparation and repairs, you can enjoy a clean, dry crawl space for many years. 

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