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I have a new theory.  You are NOT what you eat.  I know that sounds a bit random, but essentially, you are NOT what you eat, you are what you digest and absorb.

Have you ever eaten food which is perfectly healthy and nutrient rich only to discover the after affects of pain and bloating and wishing that particular food had never been on the guest list?

If you suffer from any kind of digestion stress and feel sleepy and sluggish after meals, you may need a digestive tune-up.

Follow these tips to get yourself on the right road to maintaining a healthy digestion. These are provided by some of the best doctors from ArabiaMD.

Use more coconut products

Coconut oil contains lauric acid - a proven antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal agent that is easily digested and absorbed.  The anti-fungal aspect helps kill candida in the gut, which is a common problem for people with digestive stress. Plus, coconut  helps absorb beneficial nutrients from our food.

Take probiotics

Probiotics are a live microorganism that improve the balance of flora in the digestive system. For a healthy digestion these friendly bacteria are essential. They help prevent the overgrowth of bad bacteria and are often depleted if you've been taking antibiotics or if you've had gastro. Probiotics can be found in some yogurts or taken as supplements.

Soak your nuts and grains

When you soak your nuts and grains you are reducing toxic substances and inhibitors that occur naturally within the grain.  For example, phytic acid which is found in most nuts, seeds and grains, will combine with minerals such as calcium, zinc and magnesium and prevent them from being absorbed during digestion. Soaking neutralises this natural inhibitor.

Do an elimination diet

If you find you experience adverse affects after eating a particular food, it might be worthwhile trying an elimination diet. Remove the suspected food or food group from your diet for anywhere between two weeks and a month and see if symptoms resolve.

Try bone broth

Your digestive lining is supposed to be permeable to absorb nutrients. But for some people it can become too porous and let too much "leak" through without absorbing it properly. When this happens, your body can react, attacking the foods you eat. This can create IBS and other gut problems, even some autoimmune disorders. Bone broth contains gelatin which helps reinforce the lining of the gut and soothe digestive distress.

Drink less with meals

Drinking a lot of fluid (even water) while you eat can dilute the level of hydrochloric acid (HCL) in your stomach. This acid is needed to help kill bacteria and digest your foods. It's best to minimise the fluid you drink while eat and for at least an hour after you finish your meal.

Drink warm water and lemon

Along with a delicious breakfast, it's a good idea to get into the habit of starting the day with a cup of warm water with lemon. This alkaline drink will help jump start your metabolism and get your digestion moving. Additionally, you should replace tap water with spring water as well. Spring water provides you with much needed oxygen to the body and the brain, aids in good digestion, helps us maintain a healthy weight, and tastes great. Diamond Rock will deliver fresh spring water according your requirements at your doorsteps.

Chew your food

If you're a mum, you probably tell your kids this all the time: chew your food! Chewing is the first step in food digestion. Try not to rush through your meal, but allow yourself plenty of time to chew, chew, chew before you swallow.

Let me know how you go with these tips.

8 Responses to “8 simple ways to improve digestion and absorption”

  1. Kelly says:

    Hello Lee
    I just discovered you while browsing through FMTV videos. I have enough knowledge (mainly gained from FM over the years) but have somehow stepped, or maybe jumped, into an unhealthy way of life with overeating and a poor sugary diet. The results are so obvious. I do hear my body through the gut discomfort, aches, stiffness, dry aging skin, weight gain, thinning hair, irritability and regular constipation. I am almost 50 and think I may be starting menopause as well. I have decided to get control of my health and am going to use your website as a guide. I have also ordered your new book. Thank you for the great resources and for making it simple. Any advice or encouraging words would be greatly appreciated.

    My best always,

    • Lee says:

      My pleasure. I would just take things slowly and make healthy choices where you can. Just use simple recipes and techniques and try to opt for natural foods where possible. 🙂 Lee x

  2. Betina says:

    Hi Lee,
    I have embarked on the elemental diet and am on day four. Love your soup recipes! But I am still experiencing loud rumbling,bloating and gas. Looking for relief. Does this mean something is terribly wrong or do I just need to stay the course? Would welcome any suggestions.

    • Lee says:

      Hi Betina, That could be signs of a your tummy getting used to the program or different foods that you are having- are you adding garlic and onions to recipes- these are two ingredients that can cause those symptoms. I would recommend omitting them to see if it makes any difference. Glad you are liking the recipes! Lee

  3. Jessica says:

    Hi Lee, thanks for sharing this post, it’s very well written. I just finished reading this article over at http://www.totalbeings.com/organic-total-body-reboot-review-heres-what-i-really-think/ and would love to get your thoughts. Thanks heaps again for the tips, I’m sitting on the fence if I should sign up or not…Cheers!

  4. Weezee says:

    I’ve been following your gut cleanse regimen. I’m on week two and doing well other than my stomach seems to be going in overdrive! Always gurgling and still bloated. Any ideas or suggestions on what’s going on?

  5. Hi Lee. It’s a good informative article about the simple ways to improve our digestion. The poor digestive system has become a prevalent problem these days due to our unhealthy lifestyle and food habits. 

  6. Aarohi says:

    Hi lee.
    thanks for sharing this article.

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