The most important step to detoxifying your body is to eat a nutrient-dense diet along with the supplements I have recommended. The diet not only detoxifies but also heals the body from any health issues. A beneficial detox diet consists of eating healthy protein sources from meat, eggs and fish along with fats which are beneficial such as extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil as well natural animal fats and fish oils which contain omega-3 essential fatty acids. 


These good fats are excellent at helping the body to eliminate toxins and heavy metals as well as pulling out nutrients from food to assist the healing process.  Sea salt is an excellent food to sprinkle on meals as it also pulls nutrients from foods.


Once you improve your digestion this will in turn greatly improve detoxification.  Eating a protein source or lacto-fermented foods such as Kim Chi or Sauerkraut increases stomach acid which stimulates the gall bladder, helping the digestive process. Foods that feed the skin include foods that are rich in lecithin, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants such as eggs, organ meats, a balance of Omega-3-6-9 oils fresh dark green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and berries of all kinds.

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