DIY Terrarium

Have you ever bought yourself some fresh Rosemary from the supermarket for the latest recipe you want to try and by the time you walk through the door it’s already somehow deteriorated?

It’s safe to say, we’re not all born with the green thumb; but that’s okay! There are plenty of ways to get your gardening on besides building a forest in your backyard. Whether you’d describe yourself as inept when it comes to creating botanical creations (hey, you said it, not me!), or you’re an absolute superstar gardener who deserves every award ever, terraria are the perfect low-budget and low-maintenance gifts for pretty much anyone – including yourself.

Get ready to get those gardening boots on and slip on your favourite gloves, you’re about to make your own terrarium.

Firstly, choose an open or closed glass container of some sort – you do you.

Then, cover the bottom with about an inch-sized layer of pebbles or rocks.

Next, it’s time for activated charcoal. Yes, I know you’ve heard about it as the latest wellness trend and our plants love it too! Similar to how you use my Love Your Gut Powder to clear our bacteria, just use a thin layer of activated charcoal to keep the water fresh and prevent mould or bacteria building up.

Then, add some potting soil. Be sure to pick the right soil for what you’re planting – cacti and succulents use different soil to moss and ferns so watch out!

Once you’ve plotted your soil, it’s time to finally place your plants in your newest terrarium creation. Be sure to start with the largest one first so you can squeeze them all in there!

When it’s time to decide where it goes, imagine that you’re planting this beloved beauty into the Amazonian rainforest. The plants need sunlight, but not too much, they also need access to water but you don’t want to drown them! If it does receive too much sun, it’ll give your serious growing pains! Give it sun, but not too much, be like Goldilocks and choose a spot that’s juuuuust right.

I recommend watering them every three months with just a little sprinkle of water. If it starts to smell or look a little dry, it’s time to give it a splash!

Enjoy your terrarium!

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