10 Ways to Instantly De-Stress in 2020

It’s been a stressful year for many. Being stressed on occasion is a natural emotion, and in small doses, can be helpful. However, there is nothing natural about 2020. Every week, it’s something new to be stressed about, and if left unchecked, it can cause some serious issues.

Luckily, there are some ways to lower your stress in 2020. Let’s look at some ways you can try.

Distract Yourself

The first way is to distract yourself from your stresses. If your mind is on the source of your stresses, then you’re going to feel worse. It’s important to find something to distract yourself with. Find a good TV show, book, video game, or something else that can help you relax and unwind. Try looking into a new hobby that can distract you.

With stress, it’s important that you try to solve whatever it is that’s causing it. However, if you feel over-stressed, it’s okay for you to distract yourself and come back later with a fresh mind.

Take a Deep Breath

“Breathe!” It’s a piece of advice that many people get to the point where it seems to have lost all meaning. However, it’s a good idea. If you feel overwhelmed, stopping everything and taking a nice, deep breath can make you feel much better. Exhale for a long time and picture your stresses leaving your body. Then, inhale and imagine new air purifying you. Whenever you feel over-stressed, taking a few breaths can improve how you feel quite a bit. You can learn how to practice some qigong breathing techniques which will help you feel more relaxed. 

Go for a Run

Another way to de-stress instantly is to go outside and run, or exercise in some other way. When you run, it releases endorphins that boost mood, and when you are focused on your workout, you can ignore your stresses.

Eat Healthy

Many of us will turn to some ice cream when we are feeling stressed. There is nothing wrong with that in small doses, but always eating unhealthy foods can lead to you being more stressed. Instead, try to reach for some  healthy foods. Have some peanut butter and celery or some wholegrains. It can make you feel happier and you won’t feel as guilty eating them.

Practice Mindfulness

Another method you can try is mindfulness. This is a practice that has been common in many Eastern religions and has seen an increase in popularity in the West. Mindfulness involves staying in the moment and not worrying about the future. It can be a difficult order when our thoughts are so worried about what’s to come, but by taking a moment to observe the present, you can have fewer worries. Every one of every age can practice mindfulness and get some benefits out of it, so try it out and see how it works.

Drink Herbal Tea

Why not fix yourself a nice little herbal tea to help improve your mood? You can try peppermint, a delicious chamomile tea, or other teas designed to promote relaxation. Green teas are good for you too, but you may not want something with caffeine.

Take a Bath

Why not have a nice little bubble bath going whenever you feel stressed? Turn the lights low, put some nice music on, and take a hot bath as you focus on relaxing and not on the stresses of the day. If you still feel antsy, do it at night when you’re about to unwind. It can work wonders for you.

Eliminate the Source of Stress if Possible

The biggest way to de-stress is to avoid stressing in the first place. If your problems are fixable, then try to come up with a plan to solve them. For example, you may be stressed over a speech you have to make tomorrow. Rather than worry too much, practice it. If you have an essay due in a week, work a little bit each day and make sure that you aren’t cramming the night before. Rather than worry too much, practice it. Use GrabMyEssay writing guides, tools, and resources for help. You’ll feel much better about yourself.


Sometimes, expressing your feelings through art or writing can make you feel de-stressed instantly. Give it a try and see what it can do for you. You may be able to turn your stress into an awesome story.

Seek Help!

Finally, if you're stressed, a way to de-stress is to talk to someone about it. Some people may look to a friend, which can work out well. However, friends can only go so far. You may need to speak to a licensed therapist about your issues. By talking to a pro, it can lift a weight off your shoulders.

In these stressful times, many of us need a therapist who can be there without having to leave the house. Online therapy can be a solution to that. For more information, click here and see what it can do for you.

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