A DIY Light Bulb Vase

The other day, I was thinking of what presents I could give to some of my family and friends for the upcoming holiday festivities. They know I've never been interested in buying fast-fashion that lasts a season or trinkets that get thrown away a mere few months into the new year so, they await an individualised, and often DIY, gift from me. What could I gift this time?

I was walking around my house and noticed that one of my lights were starting to fade. This my dears friends, is what I truly call a lightbulb moment - I was going to make a DIY lightbulb vase!

Forget out with the old and in with the new, here at Supercharged Food HQ, we’re all about in with the old and out with the new. There’s nothing I love more than reusing and upcycling for a renovated and eco-friendly lifestyle and gift.

Rather than wasting a lightbulb that’s served its purpose, beautify it and include some nature in your home while you’re at it too. This simple craft of making your own light-bulb vase only takes a few minutes per bulb. If you’re looking for a simple ‘thank you’ gift or easy way to brighten up your home or next event, you’ve got to light the way with a light-bulb vase. They’re totally the new thing – just scroll through your Pinterest!

There’s nothing that lifts my cheeks more than than reusing and upcycling - it makes me feel like I'm a serious contestant on a home  renovation show. Plus, it can help contribute towards living a more  eco and budget-friendly lifestyle.

So, the next time you have to take out an old light bulb, think twice before you throw it away.

So now for the real question – how on earth do you do it?

Well, you’ll need:

  • Old light bulbs
  • A needle nose plier
  • Nail set
  • Hammer
  • Wire/floral wire for the hanging vase
  • Wire cutters
  • A wooden dowel
  • Drill
  • Electric tape (optional)

Be mindful that you’re working with glass so maybe it’s time to take a selfie with some safety goggles and gloves. Your Instagram feed will thank me later.


  • First thing’s first – over a rubbish bin, use the nail set and hammer to break apart the bulb. Be extra careful here as you’re playing with glass.
  • Once you’re done, remove the small silver layer with your pliers and throw the black glass into the bin. Next, break the layer inside the glass carefully, again using the nail set and hammers. Also, break off any pieces around the inside edge of the bulb.
  • Now for the fun parts – remove the inside of the bulb with your needle nose pliers. Also shake out the loose glass so you’re just left with the vase.
  • Once you have your vase, drill a hole that’s big enough for your wire to fit in. Now, cut your wire into about 50cm or 20-inch pieces. Pull the wire through the dowel and start wrapping it around the dowel clockwise approximately 2-3 times.
  • Use the wire cutters to remove the wire from the dowel cutting right at the hole. Adjust if needed by turning the wire with pliers to tighten or loosen it depending on what you need.
  • You can now bend the wire down to form a base, shaping it whichever way you like.
  • If you want to make a hanging vase, drill two holes in the bulb base and attach floral wire.

Ta-da - you’ve just DIY’D a light-bulb vase! Enjoy your upcycled gift and let me know how you went with it.

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