Zesty Baked Zucchini with Mint and Yoghurt

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Today, we're diving into the world of zucchinis, and trust me, it's going to be one delicious and nutritious ride. Picture this: tender zucchinis baked to perfection, infused with zesty ginger and lemongrass, on top of a creamy, minty, yogurt-y dressing... Are you drooling yet?

My recipe for Zesty Baked Zucchini with Mint and Yoghurt is not only a feast for the senses but also a celebration of simplicity and wholesome ingredients.

Before we get started, let's talk about zucchinis. These humble veggies may not always steal the spotlight, but they're packed with goodness and low in calories but high in fibre, making them a fantastic addition to any balanced diet. Plus, they’ll give you a nice dose of vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, and manganese, which are essential for overall health and wellbeing.

When it comes to choosing the perfect zucchini for our dish, there are a few things to keep in mind. Look for zucchinis that are firm to the touch and free of any soft spots or blemishes. Size matters too – opt for medium-sized zucchinis that are uniform in shape for even cooking. And don't forget to give them a gentle squeeze – they should feel heavy for their size, indicating that they're nice and juicy inside.

I took this dish to a summer lunch on the weekend and it was a hit and looked delightful on the table. When it came to making it, firstly, I was keen to give the zucchinis some love. So I halved them, scored them diagonally, not just for a touch of flair and aesthetics, but also to help the flavours penetrate deep into the flesh, and then I showered them with ginger powder, lemongrass powder, tamari, and a generous drizzle of olive oil and placed them into the oven.

While the zucchinis were busy soaking up all those delicious flavours in the oven, I whipped up a creamy yogurt dressing with Greek yogurt, crumbly feta, garlic, a squeeze of lemon, and a handful of fresh mint from the garden. The sauce really came together in perfect harmony and the flavours just really complemented each other. Greek yogurt adds a dose of protein and probiotics, while feta cheese brings a tangy kick that perfectly balances the zesty flavours of the zucchinis. Fresh garlic, lemon juice, and mint add layers of complexity and freshness, elevating this dish to new heights of deliciousness. And for gut health I added a teaspoon of my Love Your Gut powder.

Once the zucchinis were golden and tender I assembled the dish using a large plate or you could also use a platter, I spooned on the luscious yogurt dressing, and then added the baked zucchini and topped it all off with extra garnishes. I used crumbled feta, torn mint leaves, crunchy flaked almonds (or pistachios if you're feeling fancy), a sprinkle of lemon zest, and of course, a final drizzle of olive oil for good measure.

My Zesty Baked Zucchini with Mint and Yoghurt, is a dish that's not only bursting with flavour but also packed with nutrients and cooked with love. So, whether you're cooking up a storm for your family dinner or hosting a lunch or dinner for friends party, this recipe is easy to make and very satisfying.

Zesty Baked Zucchini with Mint and Yoghurt

Ingredients for zucchini: 

  • 4 zucchini halved and scored diagonally 
  • Sea salt 
  • 1/4 tsp ginger powder 
  • 1/4 tsp lemon grass powder 
  • 2 tbs tamari 
  • 2 tbs Olive oil


  • Set oven to 200 degrees Celsius 
  • Place salt on zucchini and let sit for 15 mins on a tray lined with baking paper
  • Dab zucchinis with paper towel to remove excess moisture 
  • Score the zucchini halves diagonally with a knife
  • Drizzle with olive oil
  • Sprinkle with ginger and lemongrass powder
  • Splosh on some tamari 
  • Place in the oven for 25-30 mins 

Meanwhile make the dressing 

Ingredients for dressing:

  • 3 tbs Greek Yogurt
  • 1/2 cup Feta
  • 1 Garlic clove 
  • Squeeze Lemon 
  • Handful Mint
  • 1 tsp Love Your Gut Powder


  • Place in a small blender or food processor until creamy (being careful not to over process it)
  • Scoop out dressing and with a spoon place it on a large plate or platter dish

Add zucchini onto the plate and top with any of the following: 

Ingredients for toppers:

  • Crumbled Feta
  • Torn Mint
  • Flaked almonds (or pistachios)
  • Lemon zest
  • A drizzle of olive oil

Until next time, remember to nourish your body, feed your soul, and always keep the kitchen adventures alive! Let me know if you make it and what you think in the comments section below.


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  1. Maisha says:

    This Zesty Baked Zucchini with Mint and Yogurt recipe sounds absolutely delightful! The combination of creamy Greek yogurt, tangy feta, and fresh mint creates a vibrant and harmonious dressing that perfectly complements the roasted zucchinis. The added touch of garlic, lemon juice, and mint not only enhances the flavors but also brings a refreshing complexity to the dish. The use of Love Your Gut powder is a clever way to boost gut health, making this dish both nutritious and delicious. Topped with crunchy flaked almonds or pistachios, lemon zest, and a drizzle of olive oil, this dish is sure to impress at any family dinner or social gathering. It’s a beautifully balanced and satisfying recipe that’s easy to make and bursting with flavor!

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