earth mask & scrub = Skincare straight from the earth

empromo3_Today I’m taking you on a trip to Lightning Ridge, the spiritual home of my brand new natural skincare product, Supercharged Food, earth mask & scrub.

But first, I want to invite you to explore the notion of lotions and potions that we use on our skin and the abundance of products that lurk on our supermarket shelves. Ones that are often loaded with damaging chemicals, unnatural fillers and questionable ingredients. Although they may show initial promise and improvements, long-term use can contribute to toxic build-up, and unhealthier skin.

Navigating beauty products can be a bit of minefield, especially with so many choices available and even bigger promises made. Like many of our packaged foods, labels on beauty products can appear confusing and tough to decode; unless you have a degree in chemical engineering of course!

A make-up minimalist


A sneaky selfie with my new mask – I took this with #nofilter and #nomakeup #cleanbeauty

I’m turning fifty in a few months, so for me using real ingredients is what I prefer to use on my skin to keep it full of life naturally.  I’ve found the best ingredients for my skin are ones that literally come straight from the earth.

At my core I’m a true make-up minimalist. I want my natural skin to shine through and always look to avoid untrustworthy ingredients that have been proven to be harmful for health.

Fan girling

As you may already know, I’m a raging fan-girl of diatomaceous earth. I’ve been using it for over five years and it’s the key ingredient in my Love Your Gut powder. During that time, almost accidentally, I stumbled across the fact that it’s also an incredible skin healer due to its 90% silica and mineral composition.

The happy accident occurred when I added a couple of drops of water to my powder and found that it created a beautiful natural paste that when applied to my skin had remarkable results. I used it weekly on my face and began to see immediate results such as softer skin and reduction in pigmentation. I also love how it dries as a clay but most importantly it washes off very easily.

This little discovery got my creative juices flowing and I began thinking about how beneficial it would be to be able to create a dual purpose product, one that I could use as a deep cleansing mask and secondly as a gentle facial scrub in the shower more regularly. I also knew that I wanted it to be affordable and cost under twenty bucks!

Lightning bulb moment

I then started to experiment by using the diatomaceous earth as a scrub, but found it to be almost too fine to work with so I knew I needed to combine it with something else. That’s when my “Lightning” bulb moment came in the form of a mineral called Volcamin, which I discovered in a deep underground seam in the iconic town of Lightning Ridge in outback Australia.

So with excitement and a little bit of trepidation, I immediately started packing my bags for a 12-hour train trip deep into the Australian outback.


Becoming one with nature – everything from my soul to my skin was totally immersed in this beautiful earth!

Lightning Ridge is an unforgettable place which funnily enough gets deep under your skin! It’s the kind of town that has a magnetism that seems to keep drawing you back in. Some people travel there and never ever leave and I can understand why.

One of the highlights of Lightning Ridge is a wonderful natural therapeutic Bore Bath with water pumped from the Great Artesian Basin that is two million years old. Almost as old as my (LYG) dinosaur powder!

As I slid into this gorgeous soft and warming bore bath under the outback stars, I started to really relax. The water is naturally hot, about 45 degrees celsius and laden with naturally occurring minerals that are therapeutic for tired and aching muscles. Naturally it felt like I was in heaven.

The Therapeutic Lightning Ridge Spa Baths

The Therapeutic Lightning Ridge Spa Baths

But the next day I awoke to some interesting outback creatures that even a Google search couldn’t decipher. OK. Moving on...

I jumped into a beaten up four wheel drive explored the opal fields and vast desert moonscape. During my time in Lightning Ridge I met some lovely, earthy and grounded people who helped to show me around and spent time with my long time friend Rebel a ridgy didge local.

Unexpectedly, we stumbled across a shaman who had erected a teepee and medicine wheel on her property, after receiving a calling to travel to Lightning Ridge to heal people.   We snuck up to Lunatic Hill too, a landmark after my own heart and ran into Brian McCudden the guy from the bar scene in the movie Crocodile Dundee; boy was he a real outback charmer!

I also ventured down a mine, deep underground to see and feel the minerals first-hand.


The only negative thing that’s a positive

Lightning Ridge Volcamin is a high in silica and it’s also high in negative ions that are a major positive for your skin. Negative ions are a deep skin cleanser because they act like a magnet attracting positively charged dirt, oils, and bacteria. Although its super fine it absorbs water so the particles turn into a fantastic scrub. As an exfoliator, it gently removes dirt, dead skin cells, makeup, and pore-clogging environmental toxins.  It also settles down rosacea with great results.

I made a friend who was just as excited about my new product as I am! Or perhaps he was just being friendly.

Once the minerals and their benefits were discovered I began experimenting with levels and combinations and used myself as a crash text dummy until the formula was perfected. I’m really happy with the results and my skin has never felt younger or healthier.

If you’re keen to get your hands on it, and want to know if this natural skincare is for you, firstly let me share with you some of it’s benefits.

Earth mask & scrub…

  • Supercharges your skin with just two natural mineral ingredients straight from the earth
  • Is rich in sensational silica. Good for softening and tightening skin, giving you a more youthful appearance
  • Is high in negative ions to attract and remove microscopic surface and deep pore deposits of dirt, oils, and dead skin cells
 without causing irritation
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of age spots, rosacea and pigmentation
  • Enhances blood circulation for cell regeneration

  • Reduces pore size for clearer, tighter, more radiant skin
  • Restores your skin’s natural PH balance

  • Is effective for acne, blackheads and pimples

So, the biggest question now – how to use it?

It’s simple! As a mask, just add water to a tablespoon of the mask, apply evenly, leave for ten minutes and then wash it off. As a scrub, work it into a paste with some water and apply it using circular motions, two to three times a week.

After you use it, you’ll notice how soft, glowing and tight your skin feels, along with an overall more youthful appearance.  You’ll be feeling instagram-ready all day, hello hash tags #nofilter #nomakeup #earthmask.

I’m so proud of this new product and can’t wait for you to try it out for yourself! This is skincare at it’s most simple and most pure. Two minerals straight from the earth. And that’s it.

Supercharged Food, earth mask & scrub is available here.

You can watch a quick video about how to apply it here below. (Apologies for the sound quality 🙁 it was windy in the Ridge!).

Lee xo

7 Responses to “earth mask & scrub = Skincare straight from the earth”

  1. Jayne says:

    As soon as the word ‘rosacea’ popped out at me, I was in! I was just wondering if you could provide a complete ingredient list of the product for me? That would be great.

  2. Jules says:

    I used this truly fabulous product for the 2nd time today (I had also been amazed at how great my skin looked and felt after the first scrub) – I hadn’t used it for months. I am 60 next week and I was blown away post this 2nd application to what the scrub/mask can do for your skin!
    I have yet to use it as a mask but I can only imagine it will be wonderful as well.
    I very rarely write reviews unless something is in some way outstanding- and believe me this product is – especially for the price – it is now my go to present for my beloved family and friends – thank you so much! 🌸

    • Lee says:

      My pleasure Jules, I use this mask and scrub too and people are always commenting on my skin. I am so happy that you are getting good results from it.

      Lee x

  3. Amazing post you shared here with us. Thanks for publishing such great content about skincare for us.

  4. Kate says:

    Hey! Is it the food grade that you use?

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