Feeling Sluggish? Food Just Not Sitting Right?

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Feeling sluggish, experiencing weight gain, food just not sitting right? Burp!

You know that things have to change, but you’re just not quite sure where to start. There’s just so much information to navigate through and it’s all just too confusing … sound familiar?

That’s where the Heal Your Gut program comes in.

Registrations are Now OPEN for our brand new program starting on 7th September 2015.

Why not take an active step towards regaining control of your health and join this life-changing program today.  The program will help you to restore your inner health so that your digestive problems can be addressed without resorting to pharmaceuticals.

Research is emerging daily, demonstrating just how important having a healthy, thriving gut is to your overall health and wellbeing.

Our lower gastrointestinal tract is home to almost 100 trillion microorganisms, most of which are bacteria. They are mostly, "good" bacteria that help us digest food and release the energy and nutrients we need. But when the balance is out, studies show it can lead to problems in our immune systems and in our brains which can bring about digestive problems, weight gain, and a range of illnesses from autism and depression, to autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto’s, inflammatory bowel disease and Type 1 diabetes.

If you think of your gut as a garden, it can only thrive when the soil is healthy. Healthy soil requires healthy foods and nutrients that will allow the ‘good guys’ to flourish.

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Sarah G says:

“I am in week three of the program and already my brain fog has lifted and my energy is returning. I feel like this is what I’ve been waiting for to finally heal my body and my mind. The information is presented beautifully and it is so easy to understand. Plus the recipes are delicious and I have lost 2 kilos already. It’s so good to be able to bounce out of bed in the morning and not be filled with anxiety that I can’t spend time with my kids because I am so tired and weak. Thank you!”

By following the treatment program supported by daily emails, videos and over one hundred delicious, anti-inflammatory nourishing recipes, you’ll be feeding your body with easy to make, all-natural, easily digestible foods, and helping it to function optimally.

Join me and my team of experts including integrative medical practitioners, nutritionists, naturopaths, kinesiologists, meditation and mindfulness experts and scientists, as you enjoy delicious recipes, learn a holistic approach to healing where you’ll be encouraged to look at all areas of your life and reconsider what being healthy actually means.

During the four weeks, I’ll teach you self-care, stress-relieving practices and ways to avoid an unhealthy gut. Plus you’ll be doing it together with a community of like-minded people.

Chellese says: “I have IBS and have suffered with anxieties and depression and low energy since I was 18. Getting my gut back to us natural flora has been great.  I have lost 18 kilos! I was 96kg when I started but did not do it to lose the weight but to feel healthy and sort out my health issues.  I am now 78kg and am still losing weight.  I have energy and my anxieties and depression are completely under control.  Anxieties are gone and depression is pretty much not a problem.” 

The program is realistic and simple for anyone to follow and is also suitable for vegetarians. Once you join, you’ll instantly become part of the Heal Your Gut community, and will be supported along the way by others who know exactly what you’re going through.

The Heal Your Gut Program would be of benefit to anyone, as you learn how to create and maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Click here to find more information about the program. 

Or watch my video here.

So what are you waiting for? The next program starts on 7th September 2015.

Join now as spaces are filling fast, and learn just how good your body can really feel!

3 Responses to “Feeling Sluggish? Food Just Not Sitting Right?”

  1. Nice article. Eating an Ayurvedic diet with the practice of Yoga may also help. A lot of eating disorders stem from unhealthy eating habits and an agitated mind, and Ayurveda and Yoga can also help in this regard.

  2. Julie says:

    Hi Lee
    When will you be running this program again?
    Thanks, Julie

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