Supercharged Christmas Gift Giving Guide

Let’s get the holiday party started! May I present to you, my Supercharged Christmas Gift Giving Guide.

If you’re looking to approach the silly season mindfully, consciously and with sustainability in mind, to get the ‘baubles’ rolling, I’ve rounded up a few natural favourites that I’ve had my eye on for gift giving this year.

Whether it’s a natural health and beauty product for a special person in your life, something sustainable and nifty for the kitchen or an inspiring cookbook to give the gift of home cooking to friends and family– there’s something Supercharged for everyone this Christmas.

By the way I’ve featured some ridiculously good sustainable ideas and recipes to grace your table this Christmas plus my famous Turkey with all the Trimmings Recipe if you're interested.  

Here are some thank you ideas for your family, friends loved ones or your lovely self!

Healthy Beauty

Weleda, Beauty Essentials Pack

Say goodbye to chapped lips and dry skin. This Weleda Beauty Essentials Pack deeply hydrates and protects for super soft skin and lips. The pack includes Weleda Skin Food and Weleda Everon Lip Balm.

Skin Food is an intensely hydrating whole-body moisturiser that restores and soothes dry skin. A blend of all natural ingredients including organic chamomile, calendula and wild pansy relieve rough skin. Combined with sunflower, lanolin and sweet almond oils and provides a protective barrier against the elements of wind and weather.

Everon Lip Balm is created with a selection of oils and waxes including organic jojoba seed oil, shea butter, rose wax and scented with delicate musk rose. This simply beautiful product not only moisturises lips to prevent drying, cracking and chapping, but it also relieves burn after exposure to sun and wind.

The best thing about this beauty pack is that you can take it anywhere and use at any time. Totally tote-able! A great Christmas gift for anybody who enjoys taking care of his or her skin naturally. $24.95  Shop here 

KORA organics Daily Ritual Kit

Absolutely love this gift pack and have been using the three gorgeous products with great results, my skin feels soft and smooth, like velvet. The packaging itself is beautiful, inviting and feels really summery too.

The Daily ritual kit includes a cream cleanser, balancing rose mist and a hydrating moisturiser.

The cream cleanser makes removing make up effortless and leaves skin feeling flawless. I like how the balancing rose mist can be used anytime of the day so my skin can stay fresh all day. The hydrating moisturiser is great for my drier bits of skin too.

Using these three products twice daily makes it super simple to have healthier and more radiant skin.  

The items included in these kits, are available individually too (our Christmas ornaments) for a limited time or you can purchase the full size 3 step system and save. $124.95  Shop here


Skin Juice Lemon Sorbet Bundle

This bright and beautifully boxed package fittingly reflects the natural and organic fruits, plants and super foods that each product is crafted with. Included in the bundle is a fresh and vibrant Lemon Sorbet Body Wash and a Lemon Sorbet Body Cream.

These both cleanse, balance and soften the skin with antioxidant rich, skin purifying fruit and plant oils that are free from harmful chemicals.

The body wash is created using conditioning shea butter, soothing aloe vera and calming cucumber hydrates, moisturises and calms irritation for an all over healthy glow. The body cream gives the skin a refreshing and non-greasy moisture boost. This light creamy blend combines antibacterial and purifying essential oils to maintain fresh and soft skin throughout the day and night.

What I love about both these aromatic skin care experiences is that they are crafted fresh from Skin Juice’s very own Juice Lab in the Hunter Valley, using sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients. And not to mention they leave your skin feeling and smelling like a fresh summer garden! $61.00 Shop here

ECO Modern Essentials - Christmas Favourite

Celebrate the festive season with this beautiful collection of pure essential oils and blends. They’re mood enhancing, relaxing, and perfect for all year round.

This delightful Christmas collection contains six blends including frankincense, orange and nutmeg, festive pine blend, cinnamon, ginger, and Christmas eve blend.

Frankincense Essential Oil 10ml: a spicy, woody, slightly balsamic scent.
Cinnamon Essential Oil 10ml: a sweet, warm and spicy scent with antiseptic qualities that can really lift your spirits.
Festive Pine Blend 10ml:a festive blend of Orange, Pine, Cypress, Frankincense, Cassia and Sage.
Christmas Eve Blend 10ml: a beautifully warming blend of Orange, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Cajeput, Cassia, Clove and Myrrh.
Ginger Essential Oil 10ml: a strong, warm and pungent spicy scent.
Orange & Nutmeg Blend 10ml:a delicious blend of Orange, Nutmeg and Clove.

With all these scents and aromas in the air, you’ll be sure to be filled with Christmas spirit and holiday cheer. $100 Shop here

Lük Beautifood

If you’re keen to get your hands or lips around a conscious gift this Christmas why not try lük beautifood’s Lip Nourish?

Now you and your friends can sparkle naturally with one hundred percent natural, toxin-free real food lipsticks. These are so lip-smackingly good you could actually eat them!

The nourishing sheer lipsticks combine nutrient-packed food ingredients that hydrate, nourish and repair your lips for a beautiful glossy and natural smile.

Made from moisturising avocado oil, soothing sesame oil and cacao butter, they deliver a sheer to pigmented veil of colour, while the incredibly soft, velvet-like texture makes them perfect for everyday wear. Delicious shades include Nude Cinnamon, Chai Shimmer, Mandarin Spice, Vanilla Chocolate, Tea Rose, Rose Lime, Peach Melon, Pink Juniper, Cranberry Citrus, Tangerine Pomegranate, Ruby Grapefruit and a cheeky little Cherry Plum.  Pucker up and give your loved ones the gift of mistletoe-ready lips this festive season! From $29.95  Shop here

Inika Organic

What I love about INIKA Organic is that their products are 100% natural and certified organic. Unlike many other make up brands, there’s no need to compromise your skin’s health to get a beautiful, flawless look from your makeup every time you use it.

This wonderful set includes Long Lash Vegan Mascara in Black and Certified Organic Vegan Lipstick in Pink Poppy, beautifully presented in a gorgeous natural canvas makeup bag.

These products not only contain nourishing botanical ingredients that your skin will thank you for, but they also meet the highest of beauty standards. The Pink Poppy lipstick feels light and fresh on the lips and the mascara is ideal for anyone with sensitive eyes (including me!) It contains antioxidant-rich Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E to protect lashes from environmental damage, and Castor Seed oil to deeply condition.

These handy beauty tools will be following me everywhere I go for an effortless and natural touch up on the go. $45.00 Shop here

Ere Perez

Australian owned, Ere Perez has got to be one of my favourite natural cosmetics companies on the market, plus I’ve met Ere and she is absolutely lovely!. Simple products like foundation, mascara and even brushes are made completely from powerful botanical ingredients that transform, nourish and leave the skin feeling radiant.

My favourite foundation is the Oat Milk foundation. The light and non-greasy formula is crafted with natural oat milk. This helps to balance the pH levels in your skin, while creating a beautiful, natural finish that lasts.

Since I travel a lot for work, my skin dreads the dry and cold air on planes. But this natural foundation is ideal for air travel. It’s really soothing and has become a staple in my work and holiday carry bag.

The best way to apply this foundation is to use the Cream Dream, multipurpose brush. Not only is it stylish but it is also made with vegan bristles and a biodegradable corn resin handle. It beautifully blends and offers smooth coverage to the face. Hassle free and flawless face.

Is there anything avocado can’t do?! Move over avo on toast it’s now time to put avo on our lashes…yes you read that right. Ere Perez has formulated an avocado waterproof mascara made with mamey and avocado oils that help stimulate growth, regenerate and strengthen lashes. This natural, waterproof, volumising mascara is perfect for day or night. An effortless transition in a busy lifestyle.

The calendula powder foundation feels weightless and breathable on the skin. It helps to even skin tone with light reflecting qualities. Free from nasties and talc, this calendula powder is extremely sensitive and gentle on the skin.

These natural beauties are a great way to treat your skin or a best friend’s skin this holiday season! From $26.00 Shop here

Healthy Kitchen

Euclove Cleaning Essesntials

Packed into an adorable tote bag is all your cleaning essentials for the kitchen, bathroom, stainless steel, floors and more. However unlike most cleaning brands (even some who claim to be natural), Euclove steers clear from absolutely any synthetic chemicals and use a unique blend of pure essential oils sourced from Australia and India.

The kitchen cleaner is a tough everyday all purpose surface cleaner. It is crafted with a variety of essential oils including Australian eucalyptus oil. It not only removes dirt and stains, but also leaves a lingering clean fresh fragrance.

Using a blend of essential oils including clove oil, the bathroom cleaner prevents and removes mildew, cleans dirt and is antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic. Surfaces like ceramic, porcelain tiles, shower bases and sinks will be shining clean and smelling clean!

Euclove floor cleaner and the stainless steel cleaner use pure essential oils like blue gum eucalyptus to naturally leave floors and stainless steel tops bright and streak free.

You can use all these non-harmful cleanses with a premium woven microfibre. Perfect for an all purpose cloth, you can use it damp or dry, day or night.

This gift pack is ideal for anyone really, mums, dads, uncles, and aunties, kids who actually do their chores. Maybe this holiday, share it with someone who needs a light little push onto the natural pathway. From $7.99  Shop here 

The Swag

Gift wrap your presents a little more consciously this year! Rather than reaching for that sparkly plastic wrapping paper, try getting your swag on instead. The Swag is a new way to keep your fresh produce fresher for longer in your refrigerator. Are you heading to the supermarket for your holiday lunch ingredients and coming back home with mountains of plastic bags with more plastic bags inside those plastic bags? That’s where the Swag comes in. It’s here to make your life a little easier, affordable and more environmentally friendly.

Made from three unique layers of 100% natural, unbleached, unseeded cotton materials these bags protect your fruit and veggies and keep them fresher for much longer! Giving your fresh produce a breathable environment that is moist, not too cold or too hot helps them to survive in your fridge and last 2-4 times longer than in the crisper.

The Long Swag is mostly used to store longer vegetables like celery, spinach and leeks. The little produce bags are the perfect companion for your durable shopping bags, ditch those fiddly, toxic, plastic bags and instead fill these little beauties with your loose produce – leaf spinach, grapes, cherries, garlic etc.

As most of you may know, I am a tea-aholic. That’s why I can’t help but love the new Tea Swag Set. These reusable Tea Swags are made from chemical free, 100% unbleached, unseeded cotton and have no nasties or plastic infused in them (unlike most single use tea bags).

Maybe make your holiday gift one for the environment and limit your use of single use plastic this Christmas. $72.95  Shop here

English Tea Shop Christmas Collection

Spoil your loved ones or even yourself these holidays! English Tea Shop Organic Christmas Collection Gold Cube Gift Set is a perfect gift for this Christmas.

It contains 96 sachets in a number of delectable flavours!

I’m talking about the finest and mouth-watering ingredients sourced directly from farmers and producers from all over the world.

Flavours include: Apple Spice, Christmas Punch, Christmas Night, Berry Savoury Pie, Sweet Vanilla Bread and Candy Man.

English Tea Shop Teas are Certified Organic and Fair trade produced.

The premium gift for the festive season and should be enjoyed in your favourite cup with your pinky finger out! $19.95  Shop here



Pique Tea Crystals

Speaking of tea, here’s a tea that’s perfect for after the big Christmas splurge! Pique Tea Crystals offer a fasting tea bundle that will be especially helpful post hefty Christmas dinner, long Boxing Day lunch and New Years Eve events.

Included in this bundle are the Matcha Green Fasting Tea and Ginger Green Fasting Tea. They are both formulated to help suppress cravings, provide satiety and boost energy burn. With a vibrant blend of the highest catechin containing green teas - Sencha Tea Crystals and Matcha Green Tea make the matcha and green tea ideal for morning fasts.

The ginger green tea uses botanicals from Traditional Chinese Medicine like ginger, licorice root, citrus and mint to suppress appetite, aid digestion and improve digestion.

These teas are infused with high catechin Green Tea Crystals to help reduce hunger pangs while improving digestive health. I’ve found this tea super soothing and calming with a warm and spicy blend and aromatic citrus notes and a hint of sweet licorice.

How is Pique different from many other teas? Their Tea Crystals dissolve instantly in cold or hot water so anyone can make Gold Medal winning tea with no effort.

Whether your loved one is tea connoisseur, tea beginner or even diehard coffee drinker, it’s impossible not to get hooked on the amazing flavor of Pique’s teas. Shop here


Supercharge Your Life, Lee Holmes

Ok it seems funny to include my new book in here, but I am. Cheeky aren’t I?

My new book is a guide to making your supercharged kitchen the heart of your home, with over 160 nutritious recipes, information and inspiration to help you consume and live with purpose.

If you've spent years navigating one restrictive diet after another, it's time to shed the fear of eating the 'wrong' thing and fall in love with food again. An enduring kitchen is one where real food and thoughtful eating practices come together, and where commonsense and simplicity are celebrated.

The recipes are tried and tested, and beautifully tasty and nourishing and cover every occasion from breakfast, afternoon tea, dinner, and festive occasions. The food as always is underpinned by my Supercharged principles of anti-inflammatory, balanced meals that draw from the traditional wisdom of Ayurveda. There are no fandangled ingredients in these pages; just honest, real, accessible food as close to nature as possible. I hope you like it! $29.95  Shop here 

The Farm Community, Emma and Tom Lane

This beautiful book by Emma and Tom Lane encapsulates and celebrates the simple and sustainable way of living, eating, working and connecting at the Byron Bay property, The Farm.

It not only showcases a collection of recipes from organic growers, chefs and bakers who make up the community of The Farm, but it singlehandedly encourages and teaches you simple ways to live more sustainably, whether in the city, suburbs or the countryside.

The book includes enriching projects like drying flowers and making your own compost bucket which is right up my alley!.

Alongside an array of recipes ranging from gourmet to simple, all inspired by a love of growing and cooking farm-fresh food this book is one of my favourites this season and I can see myself delving into it for more seasons to come. 

$30.95  Shop here


She Sheds Style, Erika Kotite

Bite the dust "man caves!" the “she sheds” revolution is taking over the world with style!  Erika Kotite has created a guide to all things interior design, décor & style so that women can create a space for themselves, by themselves. They can do what they want in a room of their own. No boys, oh the joys ;)!

You’ll be able to look through ideas, detailed step-by-step projects, and use the handy decorating tips from a number of creative 'she shed' owners – then all you need to do is add your personal style to your own shed and relax! The book shows you how to create cosy go-to spaces and getaways with upcycling ideas and do-it-yourself decor.

There’s a handy gallery that includes more than one hundred inspirational photos to get you revved up about everything from décor to paint colours, interior design and even dip your toes into gardening and landscaping. Create your own hideaway from it all with this glorious book. $23.75  Shop here


Baladi, Joudie Kalla

The beautiful and bright cover will draw you in like no other! The contrast of colours between the bowls of dips alone is enchanting. This book is divine.

Joudie Kalla portrays wide-ranging‭, ‬vibrant and truly delicious dishes that are made with a twist on traditional recipes that originate from Palestine, her ‘Baladi’ which means home land and country. ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

The recipes are cleverly structured according to the various environments they originate from‭, ‬such as the land‭, ‬the sea‭, ‬the forest‭ and ‬the orchard‭. They’re also designed eaten together however she adds that flexibility works here too and the recipes can be mixed and matched! ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

Whatever flavours you’re craving you can throw a beautiful feast together under Joudie’s direction or choose what you fancy and create your own tasty combinations!

Some of the spectacular dishes in this book include atayer sabanekh‭ (‬spinach‭, ‬sumac and onion patties‭), ‬samak makli‭ (‬fried fish selection with courgette‭, ‬mint and yoghurt dip‭) and a family favourite at our place her amazing lamb meatballs!. $44.80 ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ Shop here

Ottolenghi, SIMPLE

SIMPLE is a collection of 130 brand-new dishes that include all the inventive components and flavour combinations that Ottolenghi is loved and known for, but this time with minimal hassle for maximum joy.

Bursting with bright and colourful photography, the book displays dishes that are suitable to whatever type of cooking you find easy – whether that’s getting a quick and easy after work dinner, using just one pot to make a delicious meal, or a flavoursome dish that can be prepared ahead and then served when you’re ready.

Each dish is falls into an area which is part of a simple key, that helps you to unlock the best recipe to suit you depending upon the time, ingredients and inclination you have.

S – short on time: less than 30 minutes
I – 10 ingredients or less
M – make ahead
P – pantry
L – lazy
E – easier than you think

As it’s Christmas time, I headed straight towards the Spring Roast Chicken with Preserved Lemon, full of yumminess for the holiday period because the recipe is built around minimal hassle for maximum joy! $34.95  Shop here

The Art of Kindness

Meredith Gaston’s words and illustrations in The Art of Kindness motivate us to care for each other, our earth and ourselves.

She is such a wonderful person and a friend of mine so I know these words come directly from her heart to the reader.

Her playful illustrations are set against inspirational essays and quotes, along with journal prompts, positive affirmations and beautiful meditations.

These ingredients reveal the joys of cultivating kindness and mindfulness into daily life and inspire us to grow through self-care, self-love and self-empowerment.

Once we can do this naturally, like a radio wave it will radiate to others in the community. Feeling loved and accepted is a gift worth giving to yourself and others.  This is the perfect pressie for yourself, a friend or a loved one.  

Such a beautiful book and gift for Christmas time. $18.75  Shop here

Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook

A beautiful cookbook is filled to the brim with all the classics you need for Christmas day and beyond. It includes a bunch of delicious recipes for edible gifts, party food, and new ways to love those leftovers.

Imagine all the classic Chrissy recipes and exciting new meals that’ll wow your guests and fill them with Christmas cheer. Say hello to Roasted Carrot and Avo salad and a whole bunch of interesting and helpful chapters that include cooking for the Main Event, Meat, The Wonderful World of Potatoes, Vegetarian Mains and Scrumptious Veggie Sides, Cute Edible Gifts and Festive Puddings.

The best part is, Jamie finally lets us in on the biggest Christmas secret of them all – what to do with all those Christmas Day leftovers. If you can follow Jamie's guidance and get help from friends and family you might just find your Christmas turning out as joyous as the merry photos inside Jamie’s book.

Jamie you've got me, hook, line and sinker! $37.75  Shop here

I Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with friends, family and loved ones!

Lee xo

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