Selfies, Shelfies and Still Lifes

Raphaelle Peale Still Life With Orange

Raphaelle Peale Still Life With Orange

Every now and then bloggers get slammed for the disproportionate amount of foodie pictures they carpet bomb across the webosphere.  Photography is one of the main artistic forms that bloggers use to capture their creations.  You’ll find overhead kaleidoscopic stacks of vegetables drizzled with glistening extra virgin olive oil, arranged and seated on a clean white plate.  There’s a sprig of strategically positioned micro herbs, and perhaps a carefully placed napkin, I think you know the shots I’m talking about.


When you think about modern art and art throughout history you may think about the great masters at work. The Renaissance oil painter absorbed in their figurative composition or the impressionist creating his visible brush strokes with natural depiction of light. Art has been used throughout the years to commemorate our very existence, to honour our achievements, disappointments and celebrations, to freeze frame personal memories and to document what we love and what we eat.


What was relevant back in the day and revered is still relevant now in the era of contemporary art although we just use another form to capture it.  Looking at it objectively, our aesthetic hasn’t changed but the tools and technology we use to objectify the moment has.  A still life, is still a still life, a selfie once known as the self-portrait is no different and our holiday snaps are our depictions of a landscape painting.  The only difference today is that we capture them on our smart phones or with the help of a digital camera.


In honour of modern art and our creativity I want to share some of the beautiful artful compositions from our wonderful community that are worthy of being hung in the national gallery.


Here’s to modern art and shaping history our way and long may it continue!

@kiaraible Sweet Pistachio Chicken

@kiaraible Sweet Pistachio Chicken

@niteskye Tapioca Pancakes

@niteskye Tapioca Pancakes

@drinkbalance Supercharged Breakfast Bars

@drinkbalance Supercharged Breakfast Bars

@hellogreathealth Buckwheat Risotto

hellogreathealth Buckwheat Risotto

Paul Cézanne Still Life Basket of Apples

Paul Cézanne Still Life Basket of Apples

 reproduction via flickriver.com

reproduction via flickriver.com

 Steve Brown Supercharged Food Vegetarian

Steve Brown Supercharged Food Vegetarian

 @vegan-junkie Pistachio Stuffed Mushrooms

vegan-junkie Pistachio Stuffed Mushrooms

@naughtynaturopathmum Chocolate Truffles

naughtynaturopathmum Chocolate Truffles

 @erycole Mixed Leaf Seeded Salad

erycole Mixed Leaf Seeded Salad

 @christine-dominguez Raw Berry Torte

christine-dominguez Raw Berry Torte@Amanda Vella Lentil Soup

Amanda Vella Lentil SoupFrida Kahlo self-portrait-1922

Frida Kahlo self-portrait-1922 @janehallisey Sweet Potato Ice Cream

@janehallisey Sweet Potato Icecream@justasprinkleoflove Cacao Bomb Crackles

Justasprinkleoflove Cacao Bomb Crackles@B_Serov Smashed Sardines on Chia and Flaxseed Loaf

@B_Serov Smashed Sardines on Chia and Flaxseed LoafEgon Schiele Self Portrait

Egon Schiele Self Portrait@karen_cottonstylist Indian Style Cauliflower

@karen_cottonstylist Indian Style Cauliflower@melrosecreative Cardamom Tea

@melrosecreative Cardamom TeaStill Life with Books

Still Life with Books@allenandunwin Shelfie

@allenandunwin ShelfieLouis-Henri Foreau Still Life with Books

Louis-Henri Foreau Still Life with Books@Lauren Rose Burke NYC Shelfie

Lauren Rose Burke NYC Shelfie@2014freshstart Shelfie

2014freshstart Shelfie

Thank you for sharing the love!

Lee xo

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  1. Erin says:

    Cooking my way through your blog Lee and stumbled across this post. You’ve picked one of my photos to share!! Thanks so much

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