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I'm really excited to be sharing some of the wonderful feedback that I've been receiving  from participants who have completed my four week Heal Your Gut online program.

If you'd like to join our next round, which starts on Monday 8th August 2016, click here. It's an uncomplicated program which is easy to incorporate into your life and you'll go away with lasting results, plus you'll meet some new friends too and become part of the ever-growing HYG community.

It feels really good to be impacting people's lives in such as positive way, here are just a few of the testimonials I have received from HYG Lovers.


I started my Get Shiny Action Plan – my image of health was not just the shiny hair & skin but to be shiny on the inside. Two years after being diagnosed with auto-immune liver disease, treated with steroids and immunosuppressant (chemo) drugs I was so unwell I was barely participating in life. I made a lot of changes but was still more grey than shiny until I met Lee. A few months after starting Lee’s eating plan & a few lifestyle changes I achieved those shiny goals. I didn’t think I would ever feel this good again, haven’t had any illness & I look totally different. The second time I met Lee, I left her with a hug & said ‘you changed my world’ because that is exactly what she has done. Such a beautiful person doing wonderful things!


For more than 10 years I have suffered from chronic and debilitation constipation and compacted bowels- there have been times when I could not get out of bed for the pain and day when the very act of going to the toilet would reduce me to tears and leave me exhausted. Despite what I thought was a ‘healthy’ diet, without the use of laxatives and fibre supplements I simply could not go.

Three weeks ago I started the HYG program with the slightest hope I might find some small relief, a few ideas to lessen the impact. In just three short weeks I have reached a point when I have NOT needed to use ANY supplements or pain killers and am experiencing more movements that still make me want to cry, only this time it is with relief and happiness. There are no words that can express the of the my gratitude to Lee Holmes- seriously and sincerely so very grateful! Xx  


Your heal Your Gut Program is great my whole family are now eating EVERY thing from the program!! I'm so happy my husband and I am sharing the cooking. This has become a family thing!


My jeans are swimming on me!!!


I’m feeling more in tune to my body, and know what to stay away from (& what to expect if I don't) whereas before it was a bit of a guessing game. I mostly ate good organic food before and I just kept putting on weight. Was so confusing and frustrating. I know this isn't about weight, but I've lost 7 kilos and I feel like I'm floating on air. My knee & ankle joints aren't giving me any trouble, my skin is glowing and I'm in a good routine of self-care, my mood is so much calmer and relaxed, I don't feel as stressed in my job. On the spiritual side, I have been moving toward self-love and self-care, and your program has really slotted in with this and feels like such a turnaround for me. With the wonderful supportive group and your daily input and instruction, I feel like I have gained so much confidence & knowledge. I've loved being a part of this program and group, more than you will ever know.


Four weeks of healing and sealing smoothies, soups, broths, herbal teas, elixirs and mashed bowl food. No knives or forks required. An intuitive, yet highly researched and informative, approach based on Lee's own experience through healing her own gut. We can eat the most beautiful food, move with the most beautiful freedom, love with the most beautiful thoughts, exist in the most beautiful way but until our guts are truly whole and happy again there will constantly be a little underlying niggle and a frustrated background voice that says 'seriously what more can I do for myself'! I know the feeling very well. I can't recommend this program highly enough. Information, expertise, tips and delicious recipes aside the space that has been created, through an online community, is held with such care and nurture that it is second to none; a credit to a beautiful soul who has travelled the very same path. So much love and gratitude to you x


The information you have available to us is invaluable - huge credit to you in making it easily accessible, informative & easy to use, reference & follow.  Maybe you don’t realise but just accessing all the information and following your recipes & program, I have felt your spirit, your energy & all your hard work from this journey - your energy has been supportive and comforting. Amazing person you are - Thank you for being you!


I suffer from Crohns disease and your program has really helped with my symptoms, for  the first time in a very long time I have so much more energy, no tummy pain or bloating and I feel the best I have in years. Thank you, thank you thank you.


It just makes sense to me that if my guts not working properly, I’m not working properly! I’ve always had a bit of a 'spare tyre' tummy even though I’m pretty active and eat fairly well. Someone bought me the ‘Heal Your Gut’ book. I got the hint. My first impression was the information was well-researched and easy to follow. But it was following the protocol that made all the difference. I especially want to highlight the recipes - so easy, tasty and filling! I don’t feel like I’m missing out with this food.  I feel noticeably more energetic and I’ve lost 3 kilos!


I have had a challenging year but on top of that my physical & mental health has been horribly bad. At times I have thought I was losing my mind altogether. It's something you can never describe to people even those closest. Everyone seems to look to the brain but I have more & more belief that we also need to look at our stomachs. I did the Heal Your Gut online program & not only did I feel better physically, waking up with no stomach pain & no more headaches I also mentally started to turn around. I could get out of bed when before the thought was hard enough let alone the action. I could hop on a train without having anxiety attacks & I felt like being social again. I don't usually like to open up like this but if this could help anyone out there that feels like this in anyway I think it's worth it.   I also want to add it's not a quick fix, it's a complete change of lifestyle but a positive change in quality of life.


I've just finished my first week of phase one and already have noticed considerable changes....significant improvement in digestive disturbances such as bloating etc, improved mood with less brain fog and mood swings, lol! Really enjoying the journey and looking forward to continuing my healing. Thank you so much for writing your book and program so that all the information is finally accessible in the one place and so easy to follow and understand.


I am in week three of the program and already my brain fog has lifted and my energy is returning. I feel like this is what I’ve been waiting for to finally heal my body and my mind. The information is presented beautifully and it is so easy to understand. Plus the recipes are delicious and I have lost 2 kilos already. It’s so good to be able to bounce out of bed in the morning and not be filled with anxiety that I can’t spend time with my kids because I am so tired and weak. I can’t thank you enough for all that you do. Xxx

Jessica G

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your advice on the HYG program. After doing the program I have really seen noticeable differences. I consider myself a work in progress and understand that healing takes time and I therefore look forward to a second round to build upon the healing starting blocks you have offered to me.

Starting the HYG program I knew I had chronic fatigue and my gut was giving me all sorts of problems, I started to fear eating food. Amongst a lot of other symptoms I did not even notice that I had heavily coated tongue and obvious candida problems until I did your simple test. Two weeks into the HYG program I watched my coated tongue change from white to a bright healthy pink!

I was feeling very overwhelmed with all the conflicting advice, but your program helped clear up the confusion and refine my choices. I was already elimating sugar, gluten and dairy and felt helpless because I didn't know how else I could help myself via diet. The subtle tweaks of adding the bone broths, good fats, easily digested meals, and supplements have really helped me. I am no longer experiencing severe pain and bloating in my gut on a daily basis, and I can slowly but surely feel the brain fog lifting.

Before the HYG program I did feel that I was making good healthy choices, but your program and the tweaks I have taken on-board have really helped to rebuild the foundations of my health. I really enjoyed all the recipes, and have continued quite easily to add these into my day to day eating plan. I am coming back for a second round to be with a group that is caring and who understand. It is truly wonderful to be with people who care and to have advice on hand as I feel the need to ask. Thankyou!


I wanted to give you an update on some incredible progress since following your heal your gut health program. As you were aware, I was one of those "unexplainable" cases that the medical system were having issues with the reason behind my irregular (or lack thereof!) menstrual cycle & in turn, crazy hormone imbalances. I had my cycle maybe half a dozen times since having our son 5 1/2 years ago. Since February, I had taken all your advice on board, & within a couple months, my skin was looking good again, my hair loss reduced dramatically & my cycle had paid a visit. All was well for a month or 2, then we had some high stress situations which completely threw me for 6. Inflammation returned to it's previous state, fatigue, insomnia, hot flushes, reflux, no cycle, the whole lot. A visit to my doctor due to what was thought to be a reaction to a cervical procedure that I had 4 weeks ago, advised that I am in fact 8-10 weeks pregnant. For someone that was in the "unexplained" category, I explain it as being a reaction to poor diet choices, an inability to understand & manage stress, & a lack of self-care. By changing those simple things, I suddenly moved into the "miracle" category with the medical profession. We know different. Thank you for doing what you do. Thank you for putting me on the right path with encouragement, honest words, & support. Thank you for giving me a new chance at living in a healthier environment. Love & blessings.


I'm a 37 year old female who started following Lee's Gut Healing Protocol to not only help with low energy and fatigue, brain fog and achy muscles BUT also because I've had recurrent severe digestive problems (to the point where I've been hospitalised and housebound for months on end).  After four weeks into the protocol I have had amazing results

  • my energy levels have improved and I am less tired and fatigued;
  • a wart that was on my forehead has nearly disappeared;
  • I only wake once during the night to go to the toilet (as opposed to previously up to four times);
  • I did Lee's Candida Saliva Test before I started her program with a result which indicated yeast overgrowth.  When I repeated the test after four weeks the result confirmed I'd successfully eliminated the excess yeast in my system;
  • my PH is perfectly alkaline at 7.4 (never before had I ever been able to achieve 7.4 despite following what I thought was a healthy organic whole food diet which was also dairy, gluten and sugar free);
  • I no longer suffer bloating and my digestion is starting to improve.

It's easy to understand Lee's protocol and follow the step by step approach.  An added bonus is that the recipes taste great! I'd also like to highlight how supportive and helpful Lee has been during the protocol.  I have lost count of how many questions I've asked her!  Right from the get-go Lee has been available to answer my questions while supporting and encouraging me.  She is dedicated to helping people achieve optimal health.  Thank you Lee, I am very grateful.   I am looking forward to continuing on to the other stages of the protocol.


This is such a wonderful and informative book, which is also simple to follow! I eat fairly well, especially due to my dairy and gluten intolerances. However, I have found that the last few months my diet hasn't been the best - my face has broken out (worse than when I was a teenager), my digestive system isn't functioning like it should and I have a constant sugar craving (mainly for chocolate). Upon following your Heal Your Gut online program, I was reminded of all the information that I know but had temporarily forgotten. I have started to incorporate parts of phase 1 and 2 into my diet and have already noticed a considerable change - my digestive system is working more efficiently, my acne has cleared and my sugar cravings have minimised. I can't WAIT to get onto phase 3! Much love xx


I just wanted to say a huge thankyou to Lee Holmes and the HYG Program Group. The improvements I have made in such a short time exceed anything I could have hoped for. Though I still have a ways to go, for the first time in a long time, I know I am on the right track!


I am actually feeling really good! My skin is clearer and I seem to have energy and no bloating! I wanted you to know!


I want to say thank you for all of your support in the past month. Visiting the group was really great support and got me through some really tough times. A special thanks to Lee for her support especially email support at 4am when I was feeling my worst. I'm really happy I did the program. I actually have craved soup already and considered doing the cleanse again next year.

Come and join me on the program I look forward to nurturing you to improved health 🙂

Lee xo

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