Tools of the Trade

You don’t need tons of utensils and master-chef kitchen appliances that usually end up as cupboard fillers to create wholesome and delicious meals quickly and simply.

A cute spoon rest or a matching set of magnetic measuring spoons might be a look-at-me fashion statement but the key to a functional kitchen is to use basic utensils and equipment regularly and effectively, cutting down on time spent in preparation and minimising the dreaded sky-high washing up pile.

Using the right tools will dramatically improve your kitchen skills, make the cooking experience a more pleasurable one, will cut down on injuries and “Has anyone seen my peeler, I can’t find anything in this drawer” moments.

The safest cookware to use is cast iron, earthenware, glass, enamelware and glass ceramic.

Supercharged TIP When it comes to knives splurging on good ones is worth the extra money if you can afford it and they’ll last a good many years if you look after them and pair them with a good quality chopping board. Fundamentally as any well-seasoned home cook will agree, there are only two knives essential in the kitchen, a master chef’s knife and a paring knife.

Here’s a bunch of my kitchen must-haves as well as optional items I use on a regular basis.

Once you get familiar with the Supercharged Food recipes on the website supercharged.wpengine.com and start creating your own, you may want to invest in some of the optional items.

Baking Trays- one medium and one large

Blender- for shakes, milks, soups and refined sauces. - You could find one here, or on ConsumerReports.

Casserole Dish-great for slow cooking and oven baking

Dehydrator- optional, food can also be dehydrated in a low temperature oven 50 degrees celsius

Food Processor-makes life so much easier from shredded salads to desserts

Frying Pan-one heavy based frying pan and one omelette pan

Colander- for draining vegetables and washing buckwheat and quinoa

Chopping Board- good quality and sturdy

Citrus Juicer- great for no fuss juice in an instant

Garlic Press- crushing garlic releases allicin, an antibacterial and antifungal enzyme

Grater-a microplane grater, originally designed as a woodworking tool, is easy to handle for creating shredded vegetables for patties or zesting citrus fruits

Knives-one 8” chef’s knife and one 4” paring knife

Mandolin- This is optional but great for slicing vegetables and paper thin daikon rolls

Measuring Cup- glass with spout for pouring and transferring liquids

Measuring Spoon-in a variety of sizes for quantifying ingredients

Mortar and Pestle or Spice Grinder- perfect for grinding fresh spices, nuts and seeds

Muffin Tin- 12 cup or deep 6 cup for baking or savoury baked eggs and mini frittatas

Pepper Grinder- ground pepper is radiated and a potential irritant use whole peppercorns instead and grind for freshly cracked pepper

Roasting Pan-with rack for slow cooking

Cake Pan- one round 9” for baking and one square 9” x 13” and one loaf tin

Saucepans-one small, medium and large with lids Sieve-a fine mesh strainer is great for nut milks and sauces

Slotted Spoon- essential for poaching or serving

Slow Cooker- I bought mine from a cook’s warehouse for $30 and use it weekly

Slice- stainless steel works better than plastic

Soup Ladle- this will come in really handy for scooping out casseroles and soups

Spatula- heat resistant rubber for folding and scraping out excess ingredients

Steamer-a good way to preserve vitamins and minerals in food

Tongs-make life in the kitchen easier and much less hazardous

Vegetable Peeler-a swivel headed one is best and less wastage too

Vegetable Spiraliser- a handy tool to use for angel hair vegetable pasta and ribbon salads

Whisk-essential for fluffy omlettes, mock cream, meringues and sauces

Wooden Spoon- I like the paddle spoon with a flat edge for covering more territory

Happy Cooking 🙂

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