Supercharged Food Book Photo Shoot

Today was so much fun as we were photographing for the book and I've been waiting for ages for this day to come.  I'm so excited that's it's not long now until it will be released and there are so many easy and delicious recipes and they are super healthy that I know you will all enjoy making.  It was great to be able to actually eat everything at the shoot too! Emily took some pics so you can see some of the behind the scenes action and how it all gets pulled together.  And my friend Hayley Dutton came over in the morning to do my makeup she's a genius and made me feel very special. It was fun getting pampered. http://www.hayleydutton.com/

Testing, one, two, three!

It's so cool that you can actually see on the monitor all the shots as the photographer Steve http://www.stevebrownphotography.com/ was taking them. He did a fantastic job of getting all the shots set up and organised. And we were able to go through them to see which ones worked and which ones needed to be spiced up. There was a stylist too Maree who was French and she had exquisite taste in homewares. I wanted to take it all home with me.

Cracking Eggs

In this shot I had to crack eggs and I kept on pouring them into the bowl too low so I had to keep cracking more.  I think I went through a dozen eggs, whoops. Hopefully someone will be cooking up a tasty omelette tonight. I never realised how much work went into a photo shoot everything needs to be set up meticulously. When I cook at home I generally splosh and throw and whizz it all together, but to get great results its nice to take time to do things properly.

Green Juice

I was definitely ready for my gorgeous green juice for morning tea.  So alkalinising for the body and a glass gives you mountains of energy. I love this shot because it's so clean and fresh and bright. Which is exactly how you feel when you drink one. I hope this shot makes it into the book its so beautiful.

Passing the Plates

In this pic I had to look like I was just about to set the table for dinner. The plates were super cute they were antique looking and the cups had little birds and pretty designs on them which really suited the theme.

Supercharged Food

At the end of the shoot, I was able to see all the pics together on the computer screen to envisage how they would look in the book. I think they turned out really well and the team at Murdoch Books do such an amazing job pulling everything together. I hope that you guys will like it.  I think it's going to be such a gorgeous looking book with loads of interesting recipes which taste great and are healthy and most importantly gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast and sugar-free!

Happy cooking everyone 🙂


4 Responses to “Supercharged Food Book Photo Shoot”

  1. Alexander von Kotze says:

    Nice post Lee. Having just wolfed down two ice-creams and now feeling a bit ill, feel I should stick to your green juice!

  2. miss robyn says:

    what is in the green juice? I would like to try it.

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